A young trademark Abel & Lula is yet another designer brand developed by MAYORAL GROUP – one of the world’s leading producers of kids’ clothes. Abel & Lula belongs to the category of luxury Spanish brands that first entered the market of kid’s fashion in spring 2019. Only in two years, it has turned into a globally known trademark that keeps gaining popularity across Europe, the USA and other parts of the globe.

It has quickly reached a premium level and keeps developing at a quick speed. At the moment, it produces quality clothing specially intended for girls aged 4-14 years where classic and modern designs harmoniously blend with one another.

Why is this brand not like any other market player in the fashion industry? The reasons behind the uniqueness of Abel & Lula girls’ wear are:

  • The spirit of innovation is highly valued by this designer brand;
  • An eye for every detail in handcrafted girls’ wear is yet another thing that attracts parents and adds up to the growing popularity of the trademark;
  • The unmatched quality of each piece makes this brand a great choice for everyone;
  • The ability to create gorgeous and exclusive products for different age groups has turned this trademark into a highly competitive market player.

And that’s not all. The greatest benefit of choosing this brand for your little one is the top-notch fabrics, the amazing variety of colorful prints, and the highly appealing pricing.

The vision of the brand’s designers is to make your loved one look dressy and fashionable at any occasion. This will easily turn each special event in the life of your kid into a really unforgettable experience.

Buy elegant girls’ wear of exceptional quality

Elegance is the key to making your loved one stand out from the crowd. The designs of Abel & Lula will let your child look gorgeous due to:

  • Beautiful embellishments;
  • Colorful prints;
  • Great quality of materials;
  • Amazing selection of accessories like hairbands and others.

These are some of the few things parents really love about this brand.

The party dresses and kid’s wear for special events designed by Abel & Lula are added with tulle, chiffon and various other amazing elements for the unmatched look of your little princess. Every new collection of this designer has its own unique appeal and that’s why it continues to gain popularity with parents and their kids alike.

The accessories add up to the fabulous look of each piece. All designs developed by this brand have one thing in common – they all are an unmatched combination of a classic approach and modern fashion tendencies.

Sophisticated clothing for girls by Abel & Lula is created with a keen eye for the tiniest details to make each piece perfect for any special event. This will brighten up your loved one’s life and make them feel happy and look amazing in any situation.

The age here doesn’t matter as this brand cares for the needs of both young kids and those who have reached the teen age.

Abel & Lula kids’ clothes: What do they offer?

This Spanish brand belongs to the category of luxury trademarks for several reasons:

  • Their pretty designs let every girl look charming;
  • They offer clothes for kids of different age groups;
  • The quality of each piece of clothing adds up to the good reputation of this brand in the world of fashion;
  • They offer a great range of girls’ wear and each new collection always has something special for everyone.

From reversible coats for cold seasons and high-quality trousers to beautifully decorated summer dresses and handbags – Abel & Lula has much to offer to its clients. Their collections also contain two piece sets and other fascinating options that are always in demand among parents due to their practical yet fashionable style.

Abel & Lula always keeps up with the best tendencies in kid’s fashion.

Why do parents trust this brand?

Over time, the brand has earned great popularity with customers and it has long become a credible trademark in its niche. It’s all due to the exceptional characteristics of clothes produced by Abel & Lula. They give the freedom of movement to young children and the fabrics they are made of are soft yet durable with no risk of quick wear and tear.

Moreover, the palette used by this brand is always diverse to meet the tastes of every parent. From classic white and black colors to delicate pastel colors like pink and blue – Abel & Lula always has something to offer to parents and their little ones. Multi-colored prints and other amazing details make this brand a popular choice for parents globally.

This brand is likely to turn any holiday into a memorable and really fabulous day for both you and your little one. This is yet another reason why parents trust this trademark and keep coming back again and again.

Abel & Lula regularly expands its selection of the finest clothing for different occasions. Elegant yet comfortable footwear, dressy clothes for every season, and luxurious accessories can now be found all in one place. Customers appreciate the diversity of clothing on offer, but most importantly, they value the comfort of their kids – that’s exactly why you’ll definitely fall in love with the collections of this brand.

Also, if you are planning to go on vacation or holiday with your kid, it would be a great idea to check out the latest selection of kids’ wear from Abel and Lula. Why? That’s simply because their outfits are not just comfy and cozy but are also a perfect blend of modern style and timeless design.

The designers behind this brand create every piece with great passion and love for children. And the key idea behind this brand is to help parents brighten up the “special” moments in their kids’ childhood.

Our boutique offers 100% authentic Abela & Lula kids’ wear. Choose what you need and we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

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