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With so much on offer from Etienne Aigner’s brand, there is no doubt that this brand has become a #1 choice for adults and children across the world. Its “A” logo looks like a horseshoe. The story goes that the shape of this logo is a symbol of confidence, the feeling of security, equivalence, and permanence in everything. Every collection of this brand proves each of these principles with precision.

Brief story behind Aigner Kids brand

This is a German world-class brand founded in 1965 that has long become a symbol of top-notch quality, exemplary mastership and perfection. The idea to create a brand for adults and kids belongs to the fashion designer Etienne Aigner. This brand’s philosophy is based on being loyal to ancient traditions, having a close eye for detail, and creating only unique items for customers of different age, from newborns to adults.

Etienne Aigner grew up in Hungary. At the age of twenty two, he moved to France and found his first job there. Along with the main sphere of activity, he started to produce accessories for women like handbags, belts and various leather goods. While living in Paris, he developed the collection of bags for formal events.

Soon after that, his products became very popular and he started to receive orders from such a renowned fashion house as Christian Dior. The head of Christian Dior himself gave him a useful advice – to create something of your own despite criticism, standards or the opinion of the crowd.

Etienne Aigner used this advice and soon created a unique collection of leather accessories. And here is where the triumph of the young yet promising brand had started.

Adding kids’ wear into Aigner’s collections

The variety of products gradually became wider. They included not just jewelry, sun glasses and other essential goods for women and men, but also clothes and accessories for kids.

And even though the production of clothes from this developer quickly improved, the brand always remained loyal to its major principles. Aigner Kids is something between casual style and luxury design. The brand is oriented on young girls and boys who want to look fashionable, trendy and dressy in any circumstances.

The Aigner Kids line of clothes was founded only a few years ago, and its success was almost immediate. Rapid growth in sales went hand in hand with the expansion of kids’ wear assortment. Today, the collections of goods for children by Etienne Aigner are accessible in various fashion retailer stores of the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Luxurious style means looking trendy and fashionable, and this is what really matters you’re getting ready for a special occasion in the life of your little one. Also, the Aigner Kids line contains astounding and comfy casual clothes. And can also find lovely accessories and essential items for the very little ones in the collections of this designer.

Girls’ clothes: What does Aigner Kids provide to young girls?

In total, the line of clothes for kids comprises around three hundred items developed for newborns and kids aged up to 16 years. The spring and summer collections include trendy garments for girls that could be your best-matching choice for many reasons like:

  • The variety of garments is surprisingly large
  • Embroidery, floral patterns and colorful prints add a new touch to both casual and formal girls’ clothes
  • Fabrics are not only diverse but also amazingly soft and pleasant to touch
  • Aigner Kids designers choose only top-quality materials
  • The selection of colors is also wide including turquoise, pink, silver, orange and many others.

Aigner line of girls’ clothes is one of the best-selling collections due to the unbeatable creativity of brand’s designers.

Boys’ clothes from Aigner Kids – Always trendy and cool

Over some time, the brand added a perfect collection of formal and casual boys’ wear for trendy kids. Creative thinking and innovations here played a very important role. As for colors and patterns, this brand is stays faithful to old traditions and aims to use only natural colors in clothes for boys.

The boys’ wear includes:

  • Trousers
  • Knickers
  • Underwear
  • Formal clothes for special events
  • Shirts and T-shirts, and much more.

Maintaining the local traditions and achieving perfection in quality are two principles on which the brand’s mission is based.

Prices and target audience

The main direction followed by the trademark in all of its collections is based on the following:

  • To create masterful designs
  • To maintain the reputation of a luxury brand
  • To develop easy to wear style
  • To make only durable kids’ wear with no risk of quick damage.

However, if you consider buying something cheap for your kid, this trademark would not be the best choice for you. The prices here are very high and not everyone can afford buying clothes from Aigner Kids The reason for this is simple – Etienne Aigner develops only luxury clothes of global level for those who value quality above all. However, the popularity of the brand keeps rising and its reputation is simply unbeatable.

Other products from Aigner Kids

The range of goods for children expanded a few decades ago, and throughout this period, Etienne Aigner always strived to provide buyers with the best clothes on the market. That’s exactly why no one is surprised with how popular the brand has become. Top-notch quality of fabrics, ever-growing variety of clothes, and amazing range of goods coupled with the recognizable style of each piece – all this makes customers return to this brand again and again.

Baby clothing and accessories for young mothers could also serve as a perfect gift and there is much to choose from.

Today, you can easily find everything you need in one place. Buy children’s wear from Aigner Kids at our store and we guarantee 100% authentic products and timely delivery.

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