Alviero Martini is an Italian designer. He became famous thanks to the collection of cloth, luggage and accessories, which made of genuine leather with a characteristic pattern Geo, depicting an ancient map. Today this brand is popular in many counties of the world. Line of baby wear is made on the Italian factory GiMel Srl. It is one of the guarantees of unmatched quality in every detail. Brand’s trademark (old map) is present in varying degrees in all models. Alviero Martini offers to dress kids in soft, light colors – white, cream, light beige and blue. Each model has its own exceptional detail. It can be a stylish button, unusual print, cute lace or collar, small or large pockets. The Alviero Martini brand follows traditional technologies in clothing production. All kid’s wear are designed for children from birth to 16 years. Practically all children clothes made of cotton and are machine washable. Alviero Martini offers a wide range of children clothing and accessories. There are elegant trousers and dresses, T-shirts, stylish hats, fashionable cotton outfits. The company also offers footwear and accessories for children. Kids wear the clothes of this trademark with great pleasure. All the clothes are made of high quality materials. It makes collections a truly beautiful, original and stylish. So moms can be quiet for the health and comfort of their babies.

Alviero Martini Sleeping Bags & Baby Nests

For little boys and girls, from the newborn till 18 months old Alviero Martini offers a great variety of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Probably the first thing that you need when your baby is born is a baby nest. Padded baby nests by Alviero Martini are so good for the cold period, when your child needs maximum protection from wind & draft. Lightweight cotton baby nests are good for warm seasons. Newborn baby skin is very gentle and his temperature regulation is not so good as elder kids have. So, even when you feel warm enough your little baby may need extra cover. The baby nest is better than an ordinary blanket, because your baby can unwrap from the blanket in the night and you will be unaware about this fact till morning. But with the baby nest by Alviero Martini baby will stay inside the sleeping bag all night. One more interesting fact about baby nests (or how they also called baby sleeping bags), it gives for baby a feeling like he or she is still inside mommy bump. And these feeling gives baby confidence that everything is ok, that there is no need to worry and cry. So, usually baby nests or sleeping bags help babies to sleep better.

You can buy Alviero Martini baby nests in pastel colors, like light blue, light pink, ivory, white, beige. All baby nests have Geo map prints and different appliques, like swan, lion, teddy bear, camel appliques or “1st classe” logo embroidered on the front. All Alviero Martini baby nests and sleeping bags are good for machine wash.

Alviero Martini Baby Accessories

One of the most popular baby accessory is a bib. It is hard to imagine any baby who did not have it in his or her wardrobe. It is recommended to use bib when you are feeding a baby or just when he/she has a teething period and has excessive salivation all day long. Alviero Martini has different bibs in its collections, good for boys and girls and we recommend you to buy few of them, you will never regret : )

For now you can buy Alviero Martini bibs for boys, girls or unisex. Made with cotton and elastane, with popper fastening for easy use all bibs are Made in Italy – real baby luxury. Bibs by Alviero Martini have famous brand Geo prints and some decor like a swan or camel applique in front.

People who are looking for a great gift for the baby can buy Alviero Martini bibs. This is a luxury and useful gift idea for baby birthday or baby shower.

Blanket and shawls by Alviero Martini can be also a very good gift as they come in a stylish gift box. Soft cotton jersey is so good for gentle baby skin. Pastel colors, Geo print trim and appliques in the middle of the blanket make Alviero Martini blankets so popular among young parents.

Cotton baby hats and caps are one more must-have for every baby. Made in light cotton these Alviero Martini hats will not overheat baby head but still protect him/her from the changing weather condition. Classic branded Geo print, “1a classe” designer logo, or some cute applique (like lion king for example) all these make Alviero Martini hats and caps are so recognizable. Please, note that most Alviero Martini baby accessories from one collection ideally match to each other. For example you can buy a set of baby nest + bib + hat with the same style print and applique.

For those babies who are going to visit their first occasion party, Alviero Martini offers baby boys bow tie. It has classic Geo print and adjustable strap for easy use. This designer baby bow is good for boys from 2 to 24 months old

Alviero Martini Baby Clothing

Alviero Martini baby clothing is a synonym of luxury. Special attention is paid to minor details of baby apparel. Cotton or jersey baby grows, baby suits, shorties are so cute and lovely. Some babygrows have pink or blue Geo prints, others are made in neutral ivory, white or beige colors, so you can buy them for baby girl or baby boy. Some babygrows or babysuits come in the gift set, with a baby hat, bib and/or blanket and all these packed in the stylish designer gift box.

Coats and jackets for babies by Alviero Martini also available. You can even buy classic baby jacket in ivory color – so stylish and luxury! This jacket will match ideally with the Alviero Martini baby bow tie.

For sure the designer could not forget about baby girl dresses. Made with lightweight cotton, organza, crepe, satin, lurex & tulle these designer baby dresses are ideal for baby parties and other special occasions. You can buy baby dresses by Alviero Martini with the long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless, for any season. Sure famous Geo print is the main print of any Alviero Martini dress.

Cotton leggings by Alviero Martini can be combined with a dress or top. They are soft and stretchy, your baby will like them.

There are also outfit sets by Alviero Martini available in our online boutique. For example shorts + t-shirt set with camel or sailor boat applique, so good for baby boys during hot summer days.

Tops by Alviero Martini are very diverse. Classis boys shirts with long or short sleeve, cotton t-shirts with prints and even classic Geo print waistcoats for special occasion party.

If you are looking for pants or shorts for your baby you can buy all of them in new and old Alviero Martini collections. Cotton or linning shorts and trousers, viscose knickerbocker-style shorts with the detachable braces all of them come with Geo print or at least Geo print trim.

Alviero Martini Baby Shoes

When you have a little baby he or she is not walking during the first months of his/her life. But little pre-walker shoes look so cute that almost all parents want to buy them. Alviero Martini knows that you like baby prewalkers and as a result you can buy this designer footwear for your baby. Made with soft cotton canvas, they are lightweight and easy to wear. Iconic Geo print is used for Alviero Martini pre-walker sandals and prewalkers shoes.

Alviero Martini Changing Bags

There are many useful things that can make the life of young parents easier. Among one of these things is a changing or stroller bag. All changing bags by Alviero Martini come with useful changing matt. There are many advantages of these designer changing bags:

  • wide zipped opening with pockets inside and outside
  • bottle pockets at each end
  • detachable and adjustable strap
  • hand carry is also possible

Alviero Martini for Boys

Alviero Martini is a luxury Italian designer that produces children and baby clothing, shoes and accessories. Sure designer did not forget about boys fashion and every new season boys apparel collection appears in our online boutique.

You can buy:

  • boys shirts with long sleeve or short sleeve with the Geo map print
  • boys shorts and pants in white, ivory & beige colors for hor seasons and black and navy blue for cold weather condition
  • cotton t-shirts and blend shirts
  • boys classic and sports style jackets
  • Geo print swimshorts for beach & pool
  • accessories, like a belt (the combination of faux and genuine leather) and bow tie

Alviero Martini for Girls

It is impossible not to mention luxury girl’s collection by Alviero Martini. There are so many gorgeous dresses in the new collection. Made in cotton with floral or Geo print, in silky smooth satin, organza, polyester, with tulle and lace – these dresses are so unique and recognizable. Wearing such a designer dress your girl will be in the center of the attention on any child party.

Alviero Martini dresses can be accompanied by a stylish hairband or bag. Made with Geo Map print canvas these luxury girls accessories are good for any dress or other clothing from girl’s wardrobe. Bag by Alviero Martini has a long strap, so your girl can wear it across the body or over the shoulder. As a result, these bags are suitable for any age from 3 years old to 14+ years old.

If you want to buy the skirt and blouse separately Alviero Martini offers this option too. Long skirt or short skirt, classic blouse or sports style, there are also frill t-shirts on new collection, that are also very good matching to the skirts.

The great plus of all Alviero Martini collections, does not matter boys or girls, that you can make different variations and combinations of clothing and it will always look stylish.

Alviero Martini Kids Clothes

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Alviero Martini Children Wear

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