If you think, that you have seen enough children shoes of neon colors, then turn your attention to the collection AM66 of children shoes from famous designer Andrea Montelpare. Today, the Italian company specializes in creating models of children’s shoes. Three main lines of company are Andrea Montelpare, Bumper and Montelpare AM66. Andrea Montelpare brand follow three basic principles that allow creating a truly unique shoe models. The first principle is that company carefully selection materials, strictly controls the process and use innovation. The second principle is that shoes should be healthy and comfortable. Also company care about monitoring the latest trends in the fashion world, improving their own style. It is the third principle. The whole collection is designed both for boys and girls. Even adults, who like creativity, will be able to pick up something for themselves. This brand offers a baby shoes that has unusual design. For example, it can be shoes with a print of animal skin. The company offers leather shoes, boots and trainers. AM66 manufactures sneakers, sandals with straps and pumps of the most vibrant colors. Children and their parents like in which way AM66 combining stylish design with bright neon colors and comfort. So, the goods of AM66 brand are popular in many countries.

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