The foundation of Andreeatex as a Romania-born designer brand dates back to 2005. The concept behind this brand was to create something more exquisite than the traditional babywear sets offered by other fashion houses, and this is where their road to success had started.

The designers of Andreeatex currently produce a wide selection of adorable clothing and lovely accessories for the very little ones. Once you take a look at what they offer to baby girls and boys, you’ll instantly fall in love with the dressy yet classic outfits like:

  • Formal suits for younger and older boys
  • Admirable dress sets for young princesses
  • Best-matching accessories for special occasions, and much more.

Each item has a unique design and a lovable style for your kids to look gorgeous from top to bottom on such special events in your kid’s life as christenings and other memorable occasions.

This brand always has something extraordinary to surprise both parents and their little ones. Each piece of clothing is characterized by exquisite and luxurious styling. Modern design, eye-catching colors, and a growing variety of clothing on offer will surely turn this brand into your favorite one.

Collection of Andreeatex kids’ wear: Features and characteristics

In the collection of the brand you’ll find a great selection of top-quality baby clothing and kids’ wear for special events to keep your memories alive for longer. Although there are many children’s wear brands on the market, the selection of goods by Andreeatex is not like anything you would ever find in the kids’ fashion industry. The designers of this young Romanian brand strive to provide only high-quality and dressy kids’ wear that are perfect for celebrating any memorable occasions in the life of your child.

This brand will help you to make your kid’s wardrobe filled with only gorgeous outfits to brighten up the festivities like wedding parties among others. The range of clothes is not restricted to traditional outfits simply because Andreeatex designers keep replenishing their collections with new stylish clothes. What’s even more important is that each piece of clothing from Andreeatex is also comfortable and pleasant to wear, while the prices are always reasonable.

What do they offer?

  • Ivory dress sets for young girls. They look astounding on any child. They are embellished with a tulle cover and have amazing floral embroidery, while the skirt is produced from soft satin. If you choose a smaller size for your little princess, it is better to also buy knickers made from delicate fabric as they go together perfectly. The dress set is comprised of three pieces of wear and the most adorable part of this set is probably the tulle overlay that fastens with a ribbon. The jacket is produced from durable materials, while the lining is made from purest lightweight cotton fabric. The dress set is still delicate so be sure not to put it in the washing machine. Careful hand wash without soaking is the best way to keep it clean for later use.
  • Velvet sets for boys. These are comprised of a luxury blue velvet jacket with a few embellishments like gold buttons and multi-colored pockets in order to ideally match the tie. The viscose trousers are navy blue, while the dressy shirt is produced from pure cotton fabric. The formal satin hat goes well with a beautiful ribbon fastened on the back to make the outfit of your baby boy complete. This clothing must be washed with care as it is not machine washable.
  • Blue and white suit for little boys from Andreeatex. This set will suit any special event as it looks formal and, at the same time, elegant and dressy. It is a four-piece set containing adorable blue jacket with a matching trim, while the trousers feature a white brim made from satin to complete the look. The white 100% cotton shirt goes with a ruffled trim, button fastening and a specially designed collar to match other pieces in this suit. The jacket and hat are produced from velvet and satin. Due to the delicacy of fabrics and the presence of decorative elements, it’s recommended to wash this suit with caution and not to put it in the washing machine. You should also refrain from soaking it.
  • Five piece suits for formal occasions. This is yet another special occasion set for young boys from Andreeatex. It consists of five items including a velvet jacket, matching tie, trousers, shirt and a hat made from black satin fabric. To complete the look, the suit has a velvet ribbon as a fastening. The jacket features gold buttons and a brightly colored pocket that looks amazing with a fashionable tie. The trousers are made in navy blue color while the shirt is white and produced from delicate and light cotton. All pieces in this boy’s set are soft and pleasant to touch simply because the fabrics used by this brand are smooth and lightweight so as not to cause any discomfort to your baby boy. To make the dressing process more convenient, the designers have ensured that the fastening of the tie is on the back. This will ease the process of dressing your child for any memorable event in life.

All clothes from this designer brand are hand washable and developed exclusively for festive occasions. Today, all products of the brand are manufactured in Europe and delivered to any part of the world. The boys’ and girls’ sets are intended for kids aged 6 months to 2 years.

You can buy any dress set or suit for your child on our site with a guarantee of getting only authentic products of this brand.

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