Children of any age are always conscious of what they wear. What’s more, a good taste in fashion is instilled starting from the early years of life. If you, as a parent, want your kid to wear the best-quality, stylish and comfortable clothes day after day, Emporio Armani Junior collections are just what you’ve been looking for.

Emporio Armani Junior designers offer easily recognizable styles while their kids’ wear is always marked by elegance and sophistication no matter what type of clothes you need. The brand is especially designed for boys and girls of various ages.

The label provides signature pieces of wear that can be purchased separately and then combined with each other to create a perfect look. You may also add luxurious accessories to make the outfit complete. Emporio Armani Junior collections offer only premium clothes made from carefully selected fabrics and textiles that meet the world standards and will hardly ever make you regret your choice.

Outerwear, jeans and other pieces of casual clothes are all designed with close attention to the tiniest details to offer 100% comfort to every young wearer. The kid’s collections of Emporio Armani Junior often include items of sportswear which are always in high demand among parents and their kids. The collections are usually presented to the public twice a year.

At the same time, exclusive pieces of boys’ and girls’ wear always have a signature style peculiar to all Emporio Armani collections. Exquisite simplicity, classical designs and modern Italian fashion tendencies are all harmoniously blended in each product offered by this label.

Brief story of the brand’s origin and development

Armani is known as one of the most famous brands founded by Giorgio Armani, an Italian designer who initially specialized on the production of only men’s clothes. Similarly to other iconic fashion houses, the brand later expanded its variety of goods and started to also develop exclusive clothes for little boys and girls.

Let’s make a brief insight into how this label was originated and what hides behind its current global fame. In 1968, Giorgio Armani made his idea to create his own label come to life. Exactly at that time, he began to work on the designs of clothes for adults. Since that time, he managed to create numerous successful collections including a luxury fashion line for the very little ones.

Every fashion season, the label offered different types of kids’ wear like jeans and other denim wear coupled with the elegant clothes of classic design made according to the best traditions of the label.

Armani himself claimed that denim wear and a warm jacket are exactly what every modern man should have in his wardrobe, let alone a classically designed white shirt of the best quality. The style of Armani is reflected in every piece of clothing and still remains instantly recognizable.

What hides behind the success of the label?

In fact, it’s all due to the unmatched design that turned this brand into a most-wanted trademark on today’s market. Armani’s design represents a perfect mixture of timeless style, modernity and simplicity all at once. Besides, Italian fashion has always been valued for the superb quality of every piece of wear.

Although the founder himself had an unusual way to global fame, he managed to embody the non-standard yet legendary elegance in his former and new collections for little customers and adult clientele.

Armani became known as more than a simple designer simply because his goods cannot be compared with anything you would come across in the segment of kids’ fashion. His products embody everything an adult or kid wants to wear on a daily basis which eventually made him famous all over the globe.

What Emporio Armani Junior offers to little customers?

The label offers many stylish pieces of clothes and accessories oriented on two age groups:

  • Babies aged up to 24 months;
  • Children aged from 2 to 8 years.

No matter whether you are looking for some vital things for your newborn baby or want to buy something new for your baby girl or boy, Armani Junior is just what you need. The best and most wanted samples of baby nursery goods include:

  • Nests for newborns;
  • Bags for mothers;
  • Elegant leather footwear for tiny feet;
  • Bottles for babies;
  • Various branded clothes for new arrivals.

Luxury goods of Armani Junior for kids are also sold in beautiful packages to make them a desirable gift for your close ones, friends or relatives.

Sophistication and elegance characterize every product of Armani for older children from 2 to 8 years. Kids and adults will also appreciate such goods as dresses for summer and various fashionable outer wear for cold seasons. Kids’ T-shirts from this label have always been in demand due to the branded prints and other stylish embellishments, while the samples of denim wear from Armani will probably never go out of modern-day fashion.

Armani Junior collections are synonymous to authentic Italian quality appreciated by younger and older customers and never losing their popularity despite the changes in fashion trends and tendencies.

Armani Junior is known as a mini-me series for kids of all ages and different preferences in fashion. They all feature logotypes of Armani and represent chic style pieces of wear marked by ageless elegance that will be to the liking of parents and their kids.

Meanwhile, every piece of wear for boys and girls is made in a perfect blend of elastic and natural fabrics of the best quality, while strict design and comfort peculiar to all products of the brand are the two features that turn Armani into an easily recognizable and globally famous trademark in the fashion world.

Besides, parents will hardly face any problem with keeping their child’s clothes clean and tidy. All girls’ and boys’ wear can be easily cleaned in the washing machine due to their practicality and durability of fabrics.

The world famous name Giorgio Armani is one of the most respectful and famous designers since 1975. Armani couldn’t ever believe that once he would create clothes and be loved by millions of people. Giorgio started his career as a dresser, and since then every year his position in the global fashion arena is getting more and more powerful. Nowadays Armani is known as the best designer of clothing for children, as he believes that a modern appearance of a child must combine elegance and comfort, and, of course, follow the latest trends. Though the junior collection is output only twice a year, the Company always produces the most exclusive models of outwear, dresses, trousers and others. The product is always made of the best Italian materials that make the cloth look even more luxurious and unique. Besides making clothes, Armani Junior also creates a lot of accessories that make the appearance completed; among them are hats, bags, belts, scarves etc. the most interesting things is that the junior collections represent also items for those women who will become mothers soon. They may enjoy the big diversity of bags for moms, elegant leather booties, bottles, pacifiers. Many Hollywood stars are known as big fans of Armani and choose this brand to dress their children.

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