Arnette is well-known Californian brand, which was launched in 1992 and soon gained the popularity due to high functionality and top quality of the products. Further development of the technologies, applied in production of Arnette sunglasses, led to turning of this brand into real icon of active lifestyle for surfers, skaters, snow fans and so on. Those customers, who appreciate classical features, as they are convinced they are the reflections of real quality, would be fore sure able to find here the classical features. At the same time most of young people strive to live in the modern world, enjoying the newest technologies and innovation in various spheres, including clothing and accessories production. One of the greatest technologies, which are nowadays applied in production of sunglasses, is polarization. Such celebrities as Snoop Dogg, Mickey Rourke and Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington and the Arnette family prefer to purchase this brand. Depending on the form of the face, people tend to choose various forms of sunglasses, which do not simply look better, but also feel better. For those, who prefer square sunglasses, there is a great option – Arnette male AN4213 square sunglasses. They are not mirrored and have a portion of classical design in addition. AN4077 rectangle sunglasses are made with EU Filter 3P and are polarized. They have modern design, without any additional elements, apart of Arnette logo on the side part. Contrasts are often chosen as they major way of self –expression. AN4219 round sunglasses are designed with two contrasting colors and would suit an individual, who appreciates his image. Additionally they are packed into a special bag, which is comfortable during the time, when you are not wearing them. These glasses are not mirrored but are polarized.


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