As a world-known Spanish fashion house, Artesania Granlei has been producing knitwear clothes for newborns and kids aged up to 6 years. They have been part of the kids’ fashion industry for almost 40 years. Since the time of the brand’s foundation, the Artesania Granlei developers have replenished their collections with many fascinating items of clothing that are all made in traditional and classic styles.

Artesania Granlei is currently known as a reputable producer of babywear and kids’ clothing for both casual and special events. The designs of Granlei are inspired by the styling of vintage garments, while their assortment of boys’ and girls’ wear contains:

  • Comfy sets for baby boys and girls
  • Cardigans and boleros for young girls
  • Rompers for little boys
  • Beautiful knitted dresses with girlie prints
  • Cute babywear made from the best-quality fabrics.

This brand carefully selects the types of fabrics for their future collections with much attention and care to ensure comfort of your kid in any situation. Each item is intended for kids of various age groups to meet the needs of every child and to guarantee that they wear top-quality clothing with no risk of doing harm to their health.

Artesania Granlei also offers a wide selection of accessories to match beautifully designed kids’ wear. Their clothes usually go well with matching hats and other useful accessories to complete the look of your child in any season and weather.

Features and characteristics of Artensia Granlei kids’ wear

Artesania Granlei clothing is not just beautiful but also practical as their products are easy to keep clean for further use. And you don’t even have to save them for special events as they can just as well be worn on a daily basis.

Granlei collections are charming and adorable. They are handmade and feature exclusive details to let your kids express their individuality and look astounding day after day. The Granlei designers choose materials for their future creations with attention to every detail. And this is yet another reason to buy baby clothes from this luxury and prestigious trademark.

Also, this Spanish brand uses different mixtures of colors to diversify their collections and make them attractive for customers. They offer not just knitwear clothing, but also a range of denim wear for casual use.

Knitted types of kids’ wear are made not only from soft cotton but also acrylic fabrics available in a wide variety of colors. Such fabrics do not irritate the kid’s skin and give them freedom of movement. Most clothes can also be wrapped in a gift box to surprise your friends or relatives.

Granlei collections: What do they offer?

The collections of Granlei are filled with beautiful clothes for baby boys and girls as well as older kids. What exactly do they offer? The line of clothing for little boys includes the next fascinating items:

  • Two-piece set for boys. This classically designed set contains blue and white shorts for boys and a traditional cotton shirt added with pearl buttons. The shorts are produced from the softest velvet material featuring a conventional button fastening. This set of baby boys’ wear is easy to clean as it is machine washable and doesn’t need any extra care. The suit is also added with adjustable straps on the shoulders.
  • Dressy two-piece shorts and shirt set. Artesania Granlei offers yet another two-piece set for little boys featuring a comfy lining and adjustable details. The set is added with a button and zip lock fastening and functional pockets. The shirt doesn’t have any collar. As for the shorts, they feature adjustable waist to fit any size.
  • Knitted babygrow set for girls and boys alike. This set contains a babygrow and a bonnet that are made in light beige color. As for its features, it is produced from lightweight acrylic material coupled with pure cotton. It also has a specially designed collar with ruffles and buttons. The fastening is fixed on the reverse side of this clothing and between the baby’s legs. The bonnet is also knitted and matches other parts of the set. It goes with lovely chin ties that make this set comfortable to wear. This piece of clothing is machine washable and can be easily cleaned at 30*C. The major benefit of this baby set is that it fits both boys and girls.
  • Gray hat for kids of both genders from Artesania Granlei. This baby headwear has an adorable pom-pom on the top of it that goes with a matching scarf which you can tie under the chin to keep it fixed. The fabric used by the designer includes knitted acrylic material. The scarf is a handy attachment that perfectly completes the outfit of baby boys and girls.
  • Pretty blue dresses for young girls. This model of girls’ wear represents a soft knitted item of clothing with specially designed trims. It goes with a velvet bow that has a heart-shaped logo on it. The cuffs with ruffles and a blue-gray hem make this dress even more adorable and girlie. The skirt is gathered and has a floral print on a light gray background. The dress is fastened with buttons on the back.

If you are in search of the affordably priced clothes for your child, we advise you to take a look at the collections of Artesania Granlei at our site. They contain lots of amusing and simply admirable pieces of girls’ and boys’ wear so you’ll have many options to pick from.

Artesania Granlei is a reputable fashion house that guarantees top quality, no risk of easy wear-and-tear and only unique designs of girls’ and boys’ sets of clothes.

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