BABY BANZ is considered to be one of the most famous Australian brands that produces sunscreen clothing, shoes and accessories for children aged 2 months to 10 years old. The sunglasses that the company offers are known as the best ones all over the world. The unique sunglasses perfectly fit to every child as they have a special neoprene rubber with Velcro – it makes the sunglasses be unmovable and fit good to every nose, besides it is possible to regulate them according to nose features. Thanks to the high quality and the elasticity of the sunscreen swimming suits and other clothing the baby can move with any difficulties and feel himself comfortable both in the water and on land. The BABY BANZ items are the favorites among other brands, because of their bright colors that were created especially for babies, infants and young children. In their designs the manufacturers use different patterns: checked and spotted swimming suits, flowered shoes and bright striped sunglasses. Nowadays the brand BABY BANZ is not only famous in Australia, but people all over the world – the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain – buy the items of BABY BANZ to protect their kinds from the sun during summer time.

As one of the most respectable Australia-born trademarks, Banz was founded in 2001. The founder of the brand was a caring and loving father who was inspired by the idea to invent sunglasses with greater protection of eyes for his son. At that time, it was not possible to find anything similar on the market so his invention quickly gained popularity with customers.

Australia is known for dry weather conditions almost all year round, and the continent itself is ranked as one of the driest ones in the world.

Over the years, the range of brand’s products has expanded and today it includes sunscreen kids’ wear, footwear, and a wide range of accessories for kids aged up to 10 years. This fashion line has become known as Baby Banz. As a result, nowadays parents are not restricted in the choice of kids’ products and can find everything in specialized kids’ stores.

Since the time of the brand’s foundation, the assortment of their goods has widened considerably, so today, parents can easily explore new trends and designs from Baby Banz developers.

Sunscreen glasses from Baby Banz for a perfect vacation

The Baby Banz collections are intended for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. They are an ideal choice for children aged 2 to 8 years. The company is currently known for the production of sunglasses for young generation. This product has quickly turned into one of the most popular ones in different parts of the world. Baby Banz sunglasses are stylish and fashionable, but what is more important, they are also the best way to protect your child from harmful sun rays.

Exquisite line of sunglasses from Baby Banz will surely become every kid’s favorite as they fit all tastes and demands of customers. Here are the main features of Baby Banz sunglasses for children that make them suitable for any occasion:

  • Baby Banz sunglasses have a perfect size to fit any child and let them feel comfortable.
  • They are produced from a special material known as neoprene rubber.
  • The sunglasses are added with Velcro and this makes them good for nose of any size. They will hardly move or slip to ensure maximum comfort.
  • There is also an opportunity to regulate the way they sit on the child’s nose. This can be done according to the peculiarities of your kid’s nose.
  • The sunglasses are ideal for hot climates in the age of global warming and increased sun activity.
  • Baby Banz sunscreen glasses are a perfect way to protect your kid’s eyes and skin during a walk.
  • Intensified construction of sunscreen glasses is designed to protect the kid’s face from any dirt or mud.
  • The colors and shapes of Baby Banz sunscreens will meet any taste. They include red, green, blue, bright pink and blue camouflage among others.

Unique design of sunscreen glasses from this brand makes them a great addition to summer outfits of children. They are all bright, sturdy, and flexible providing 100% protection that every kid needs during hot summer days.

Customized sunglasses for ski mountaineering and other active winter sports are also part of the Baby Banz collections. They are characterized by the next features:

  • They can make any kid’s vacation maximum safe.
  • Every model is added with two-layer lenses for better protection from any damage.
  • Anti-fog properties and durable hydrocarbon frames make this accessory a must-have option on a sunny winter day.

All this makes the Baby Banz sunglasses for winter and summer vacations a must-try option for every caring parent.

Other attractive products from Baby Banz designers

Simply because the products of Baby Banz are not like anything you can find on today’s market, they are the favorites of both adults and kids. Today, the brand is famous not only in Australia but also in other corners of the world such as the US, Germany, Great Britain and Japan. You can purchase anything you need from this developer to protect your child from the unfavorable weather during summer and winter time.

The sunscreen products of Baby Banz are numerous including:

  • Elastic swimming suits

Owing to the top quality and elasticity of fabrics, the little kids can easily move in Baby Banz swimming suits facing no problems and feeling themselves comfy both on land and in the water. The producers of swimwear designs use various patterns such as spotted and checkered ones with various images and decorative elements. The swimming suits go well with flower footwear and striped sunscreen glasses among other accessories.

  • Swimwear for kids

The effect of ultraviolet sun rays on the kids’ skin and eyes can influence their health negatively. To protect your kid from bad consequences, sunscreen swimwear with short and long sleeves from Baby Banz developer would be your best-matching choice. When going to the beach with your daughter or son, it’s worth taking a sunscreen T-shirt with you. On a hot summer day, such clothing is always a must-have item in your bag, especially if your kid plays under direct sun rays for a long time. Stylish and cute slips and briefs for young girls are also available to make your child’s outfit complete.

Such clothing provides maximum protection for kids’ skin. It will protect your kid’s shoulders, back, chest, and stomach. These are the main parts of your body that can be affected by sun rays in the first place. The kids’ wear is made from safe materials that won’t do any harm to your kid’s health.

  • Sunscreen accessories

The accessories include baby hats perfect for sunny weather and spending much time outdoors. You shouldn’t forget that baby hats are needed for better protection of your child against sun. In this respect, Baby Banz designers have a few exceptional models on offer. They are suitable for both boys and girls. On the whole, all accessories are meant to protect your kid effectively even if it’s too hot outdoors.

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