Christian Dior established his own fashion brand for adults in the end of 1940s. Several years after that, the designer founded a kids’ wear brand that became known as Baby Dior. It soon turned into one of the most reputable French designer brands for young generation.

The kids’ wear collection of Christian Dior has become the all-favorite choice for young customers. Since the time of its establishment, the products list of Baby Dior has been replenished with many innovatively designed clothes featuring symbolic images like stars, animals, and bows among many others.

This Baby Dior line suits kids aged from 0 to 12 years. The best-quality materials used by Baby Dior manufacturers include not just the purest cotton but also denim, leather, and silk fabrics for various types of clothes.

The vision of the company is to provide not just stylish and 100% comfortable clothes for boys, but also many trendy items of girls’ wear added with such elements as ruffles and flower images among others. Short roll-up sleeves and specially designed collars can be found in numerous models of Baby Dior brand. Their collections are sold in numerous countries of the globe, especially the world’s main fashion capitals. They offer luxurious and simply adorable goods for babies and young children. Today, customers can buy any of their offerings online through retailer stores.

Best offerings from Christian Dior

Their selection of girls’ and boys’ wear bristles with many beautifully designed options such as:

  • Tulle skirt that comes in navy blue color and is added with ribbons and prints for a truly feminine look.
  • The denim jacket made from 100% original materials.
  • Sweaters made from the softest fabrics that go well in combination with many other items of kids’ wear.
  • Lace dress made from purest cotton is functional, comfortable, and beautiful at the same time.
  • Trendy T-shirts for both boys and girls with a logo of Christian Dior on them.
  • Classically designed black and white sneakers for every day available in two models – high-top and low-top ones.
  • Footwear made from high-quality suede leather and other durable materials.
  • Accessories like scarves, towels, and other useful items.

Baby Dior is for those who want their kids to be dressed in line with the contemporary fashion trends. You can also buy a Baby Dior kids’ wear set wrapped up in a gift box and added with a message of your own.

Baby Dior has recently expanded their collections with baby nursery goods and they now offer a selection of strollers handcrafted in Europe. As a young parent, you will definitely appreciate not just the way they look but also their functions and characteristics such as:

  • Sturdy wheels with a well-made locking mechanism.
  • Each stroller is added with many useful accessories like a handy basket, cup holder and rain cover.
  • The design of every model looks superb and stylish at the same time.
  • Every stroller is water-repellant so there is no need to be afraid of taking a walk with your baby when it’s raining.
  • Strollers of Baby Dior usually come in beige and blue colors.
  • They are also practical and have a compact size due to the special design of stroller’s wheels.
  • Track pants for babies available in light gray color.
  • Depending on the model, the color mixtures and prints can also vary.
  • Each stroller can be easily folded and unfolded owing to the wheels’ construction.

There are many other characteristics for customers to admire. The brand’s logo is yet another special detail that you can find on every product from this brand. Delicate and comfy clothes form part of the magnificent world of Baby Dior fashion.

Timeless sophistication in every detail

Manufacturers of this designer brand work in cooperation with the Italy-based fashion house. As a result, every item offered to customers represents a great combination of timeless designs, elegant styles, and excellent craftsmanship. Moreover, the goods of Baby Dior are functional and made from premium materials to ensure better durability.

Baby Dior designers also offer an outstanding collection of newborn baby wear and baby nursery items. Their styles are meant to make the special moments in the life of every young parent unforgettable. This collection contains the next items:

  • Pastel pink and blue sleep suits for newborn babies
  • Bath robes available in different designs
  • Pajamas for the very little ones
  • Amazing gift sets comprising everything necessary for new arrivals
  • A wide selection of accessories like bath capes, bonnets, blankets, and bibs together with bunting bags made from the softest cotton and satin fabrics with different prints
  • Footwear of various styles including classical slippers for tiny feet available in white and black colors.
  • Amusing soft toys such as teddy bears and stuffed bunnies among many other superb items.

The Baby Dior products are suitable for any occasion. This is explained by their unique characteristics such as practicality, water-repellent features, exceptional durability and others. Due to all these reasons, the brand’s designs of casual wear for kids will hardly ever become outdated.

The pricing policy of Baby Dior might not seem affordable for all customers. However, despite too high prices, it would still be a worthy purchase if you choose to buy something special for your kid from this fashion house.

Baby Dior is a luxury trademark that has a great reputation on the market and attracts more and more customers with every new collection. As a founder of the brand, Christian Dior has become known all over the world owing to the unmatched quality and perfect designs of each item on offer.

Everything you might want to buy is now available on our site. Here you’ll find a spectacular range of kids’ clothing, newborn baby wear, and baby nursery items for any budget. If you are looking for a gift to celebrate new arrival, Baby Dior will definitely be the best choice.

Baby DIOR is one of the fashion lines of the most famous French brands DIOR. The brand was established in 1947 in Paris by Christian Dior, who created the most wanted collections for women and satisfied their tastes in dressing. Since then time, the name DIOR has become popular in the whole world. The kids’ line of DIOR was established in 1967 in Paris. The first collection was created especially for the children of Princess of Monaco. This was the starting point of BABY DIOR to the world’s fashion market. In every collection the brand tends to save its symbols, such as stars, bows, bears, lions and the most popular – the logo CD. BABY DIOR lines suit for children aged 0 to 12 years. High quality materials, such as 100% cotton, silk, wool, denim, cashmere, velour, leather etc. – are combined with the most stylish patterns and elements, as ruffle and frilled collars, floral patterns, roll-up sleeves and others. The brand BABY DIOR is represented in many countries of the world and fashion capitals. The main goal of the designers is to provide not only comfort, but style and refinement as well. Today the luxurious products of BABY DIOR can be purchased online.

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