As a popular kids’ fashion brand with a rich and long history, Balloon Chic is currently known for creating sophisticated styles of dressy girls’ clothes for special events and day-to-day wear. However, this is not everything they can offer to make both parents and their loved ones smile. They focus on the wishes and needs of consumers and always track the kid’s fashion trends to make sure that your precious ones look elegant and stylish on special days in their life.

You would hardly disagree that all parents and children alike enjoy holidays and festivities. It is hard to find such a person among both adults and youngsters simply because laughter and joy make our life longer and let us enjoy every moment we live. Children’s laughter and happiness in their eyes are some of the most precious moments for every parent.

With all this in mind, Balloon Chic gives children a chance to become part of a fairy-tale and to believe in wonder and magic.

A few words about Balloon Chic history

With modern fashion tendencies and elegant designs in mind, this Greek designer is devoted to creating exquisite and dressy girls’ wear for festive occasions. Their kids’ wear collections include not just dressy outfits but also casual clothes for every day.

Going back into the history, Balloon Chic was established back in 1973 and soon became a leading fashion trademark in Europe. Today, it provides premium-quality clothes for girls aged 0 to 12 years old. Since the time of its foundation, it has been part of not just the Greek market but also global kid’s fashion industry. Over the years, Balloon Chic managed to realize their major goal – to offer exciting styles and colorfully designed clothes for new arrivals and young girls of different ages.

Trendy casual wear and whimsical outfits for special days in your little one’s childhood are all made from the finest fabrics and manufactured in Europe. Most of their dress wear are made from organic cotton and other natural fabrics. They don’t cause any harm to the kids’ skin and, at the same time, make them feel comfortable wherever they go.

Products list

The girls’ wear from this brand includes many engaging models featured with eye-catching and captivating styles. Some of the most popular ones are the following:

  • Tunic top and leggings for girls

This fabulous set is perfect for Birthday parties and any other festivity where your little one would probably want to feel comfortable and look stylish all at once. It is not just fashionable but also offers complete freedom of movement and is produced from the softest fabrics. It will definitely suit the taste of any young girl who wants to stand out from the crowd on a special day in her life.

  • Girlie skirt and top set

This model is designed to fulfill the wishes of young princesses and suit the tastes of adults. The elegant style of this set and sophistication in every tiny detail make this piece of wear a number-one choice for many adults. And it will definitely be to the liking of every little princess that wants to look great and feel comfy on parties and formal occasions.

  • Evening dresses for young girls

Contemporary styles and exquisite craftsmanship are all incorporated in the designs of girls’ dresses by Balloon Chic. Their evening dresses are marked with timeless styling and have become popular all over Europe. Fashionable embroidery allows every girl to look gorgeous in any situation. And it’s definitely a must-have item for those who want to surprise their little ones with a memorable gift they’ll want to wear again and again.

Collections of Balloon Chic: Reasons behind their popularity

The selection of this brand’s kids’ wear is marked with such features as expert craftsmanship and exclusive style that will never go out of fashion and will hardly become outdated.

Although the pricing of each piece of kids’ wear may vary depending on the model, some customers consider them not very affordable. However, it doesn’t affect the brand’s popularity that keeps growing year after year.

Gorgeous dresses, elegant skirts, embroidered tops and fashionable printed leggings for young princesses form part of the girls’ wear collections of Balloon Chic. They can all be found at our store where you can choose something special for your little one. Unmatched elegance, timeless designs, and attention to every detail are the key points that make this trademark a primary choice for numerous customers.

They all look classic and are well-made yet comfortable as the Balloon Chic developers carefully select fabrics for every new invention.

Even though Balloon Chic specializes in the production of top-quality girls’ wear, their designs are not like the ones offered by other brands. This is explained by the vision of the company that has not changed since its foundation. The target goal of this brand is to meet all needs of contemporary kids and make both parents and children happy.

The girls’ wear of this company is marked by the next unique characteristics:

  • Top quality of materials
  • Authentic styles
  • Great taste in fashion
  • Wide selection of clothes
  • Growing number of new models
  • Versatile range of kids’ wear for different age categories
  • A series of baby wear for special events like christenings among other.

As a result, this fashion brand has turned into a reputable company that provides excellent styles and offers innovatively designed kids’ clothes in every new collection.

Simply because festive events are part of every child’s life, all parents want these days to be pleasant and enjoyable for their loved ones.

You’ll hardly regret your choice if you select some item from the products list of this world-known developer. Sales are also available which allows you to buy your favorite items at a discounted price.

Balloon Chick is a renowned Greek fashion brand whose creations are filled with modern elegance and sophistication. It is known little about the history of the brand due to the fact that it is quite young in the industry. Nevertheless, the brand has already established itself as a promising trademark that is likely to develop into a highly popular designer brand as it continues to please its younger customers with a great variety of dresses, bodysuits, Christening gowns and accessories. The brand specializes in the production of girls’ wear for every day and special events like Baptism and Christening. The brand’s designers know perfectly well what each girl would love wearing on a daily basis. For this reason, the designers of Balloon Chick make efforts to create only exquisite clothing for girls of different ages catering for their needs from the very first years of life. Balloon Chick has managed to turn into a prosperous fashion brand practically in no time. This can be explained by the sophistication and elegance of every piece of clothing designed with love and passion for childhood. Balloon Chick is for those who want their precious ones to wear only luxury clothes produced by famous designers. The brand is popular with parents not only in the country of its origin, but throughout the whole world.

Balloon Chick strives to maintain a status of a reliable and trustworthy producer of girls’ wear for various occasions. The clothes of the brand are produced from the top-quality materials and finest fabrics that will hardly leave you indifferent. Balloon Chick has something for everyone. The quality of every garment follows the strictest European standards and the materials used for their production are thoroughly and carefully chosen by the designers of the brand. The professionals working for the company have a wide experience in the creation of exquisite garments for girls and pay much attention to the tailoring of clothes and the smallest details. The design of every piece of clothing is well-thought and well-tailored. You will be pleased with the softness and delicacy of every garment that is intended for both special occasions in the life of your child and casual everyday wear. If you are looking for a summer outfit for your precious one, check out the spring/summer collection of Balloon Chick and you will surely find something exclusive for your girl to wear on a hot summer day. The summer clothes offered by the brand are not only light and comfortable, but also dressy and always in trend. You can now be sure that your little one will be dressed according to the latest trends in kids’ fashion.

The brand has been popular with parents and their children since its very foundation. The company was established with a vision of diversifying the kids’ fashion and making every girl look like a little princess. A variety of dresses, babysuits, panties and accessories can be found in the superb collections of Balloon Chick to meet the wishes and needs of your child. It is common knowledge that every girl loves fashion and wants to be dressed in exclusive clothes to look great at any occasion. Balloon Chick provides such an opportunity by offering beautifully designed outfits for various events. The brand has been treasured for its ability to create unusual and extraordinary clothes and accessories that will definitely meet the tastes and preferences of every little girl. Check out the collections of the brand to treat your child with a new outfit in her wardrobe. The clothes and accessories provided by Balloon Chick can now be purchased online with much ease and convenience. Don’t hesitate to make the right choice!

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