BBC Children in Need is not a usual designer. This one is concentrated upon help for children, for those, who really need it. There are direct ways of checking how much money is received each year for charity. Everything started from the BBC’s first broadcast appeal for children. Judging from the reaction of people and from the financial results, this was a good practice. Then televised appeal followed, contributing to the same aim. It is utterly important to stop and to think about those people, who might need our help, especially if these are children. There are great collections of children, clothing, accessories, toys, which are provided by this designer and when purchasing every single product from these collections, you should know that you are at the same time supporting children, who are in need. BBC Children in Need T-shirt would for sure become one of the favorites of your girl. Taking into consideration the bright and original print on the front, it would attract attention everywhere. Combination of colors is rather simple, thus this t-shirt is rather versatile, as it could be worn with denim trousers, with sportive trousers, with shorts. It is made of 100 % cotton, which is a perfect option for any time of the year, as it preserves warmth and lets the body breathe. There are also such t-shirts for adults, thus you have the chance to create a cool tandem with your child. There is another option of such t-shirt with the same print of logo bear of BBC Children in Need, but in silver color. Wearing such t-shirt is comfortable and stylish. Generally the assortment is rather wide, so be sure you will be able to choose a lot of nice things with lovely bear logo.


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