BOY London is the British label of authentic adults’ and kids’ clothes and accessories for daily use. Their line of kids’ wear entirely repeats the adults’ collection having the same patterns of design and being made in the same style. Even the use of colors and types of clothes also seem pretty much identical.

That is not to say that you’ll hardly find a more conservative fashion label across all existing designer brands – for the last 20 years, hardly anything has changed in their vision. This makes BOY London one of those rare trademarks that remains true to itself and never submits to anyone’s influence.

Even though the brand’s line of clothes for adolescents contains a pretty scarce range of goods to choose from, all of their creations still have a unique flair of their own. The main reason for the label’s popularity with kids and teenagers is the iconic assortment of stylish sportswear including:

  • Basic T-shirts
  • Beanie hats
  • Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts
  • Bomber jackets
  • Sports-style trousers.

BOY London allows every adolescent to find comfortable, light and stylish garments all in one place. Here one can find both light casual wear and warm outdoor clothes coupled with matching accessories.

Brief story of the brand

The future world-famous designer Stephane Raynor founded BOY London trademark in the end of 1970s. It all started when Raynor launched his first shop in England, and it took only a couple of decades for his designs to reach the top of popularity with public. The unique eagle logotype played a great role in the brand’s road to success. The eagle became the icon of the trademark and even the world-famous celebrities admired this recognizable logo including Rihanna, Beyonce and many others.

BOY London was recognized as the supplier of original and non-trivial clothes for youth. Loved by nonconformists and rebellious youth, it became the legendary label of the bygone era. The popularity of the brand continued all through the 1980s up till 1990s when BOY London T-shirts became known as the “uniform of choice”. Despite the gradual decline in its notoriety, the company still remains true to the same principles – just like it used to be at the time of its foundation.

Assortment of BOY London in detail

As a Britain-born label, BOY London became the world-class predecessor of a unique fashion style. Its logo symbolizes the mixture of power and uniqueness. All of its goods, for adults and kids alike, are produced from quality fabrics and have a basic design with recognizable prints and patches. The brand offers a limited range of casual clothes providing teens and adults with everything they need in all seasons. Unique products of the brand have even acquired passionate support of celebrities.

Due to the style and design of each garment, BOY London’s products can become a perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe or may even add up something new to the familiar outfit. The brand’s designers use all sorts of fabrics depending on the season and type of clothing. These include wool, acryl, polyester, cotton, and much more. T-shirts for every day with legendary prints are always produced from 100% cotton and have long become the most popular choice among young customers.

BOY London’s collections for youth

Staying true to the unforgettable spirit of the 70s, this label offers an exquisite collection of children’s clothes made in casual style. They include many fascinating items and are available either in monochrome colors or in a vivid color palette. What makes them special is, of course, the unique style of BOY London peculiar only to this trademark. The most prominent options include:

  1. Unisex sweatshirts

This item is available in black color. It is produced from the organic stretchy cotton and soft fleece to make children feel comfortable and warm. It also features a vivid yellow and white emoji in the chest area. It is machine washable and is suitable for both girls and boys. Sweatshirts by BOY London still remain in high demand among young customers and are always affordably priced.

  1. T-shirts for boys and girls

Tees by BOY London can be both light and warm. Summer T-shirts are usually produced from soft stretchy and 100% natural cotton fabric and have a white logo printed on their chest. Just like all other goods from this brand, BOY London T-shirts are all machine washable which makes it easy to keep them clean and tidy.

As for the warmer options, they all have soft fleece inside them and feature a branded tab on one of the cuffs. These T-shirts for boys and girls are available in ivory color and are added with a sizeable multicolored logotype print.

  1. Black and white hooded sweatshirts

This is yet another exclusive type of streetwear by BOY London. Just like the rest of items, it has a logo print on it and is made from cotton jersey fabric added with fleece to keep children warm in nasty weather. It’s a unisex piece of kids’ wear so it’s suitable for boys and girls alike.

  1. Knitted beanie hats

The beanie hat is an essential part of the mini-me collection of the brand. It has long become an all-familiar product of BOY London. It looks thick and a bit bulky but is still very comfortable. Due to the use of 100% acrylic fabric and other special features, it is an ideal option for cold weather and looks amazing on girls and boys alike. Here the label’s eagle logotype takes the form of embroidery on the hat’s brim. The hat is available in black color and is suitable for adolescents aged from 6 to 16 years regardless of gender.

Even though BOY London’s popularity has subsided over the years, it still remains a must-have label among those who value style, quality, and design.

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