CAKEWALK is a new Dutch brand of clothing and accessories for girls aged 6 months to 16 years that offers a great variety of stylish fashion items. The brand is focused on creating the ideal design of a clothes, shoes and accessories. The creative ideas of its manufacturers are represented in a unique style of the fashion brand CAKEWALK. Colorful girls T-shirts with bright prints, amazing blouses with short and long sleeves, and cardigans with flowery elements will make each girl look fantastic. The new line represents girls wear with flowery patterns and images of different animals and nature in its entire color spectrum to provide a really unforgettable look for babies, toddlers, infants and young teenage children. The designers believe that such a color scheme will make the kids love the clothes by CAKEWALK. CAKEWALK tries to make attractive girls clothing with the combination of high quality of its materials, using only the natural ones, mostly 100% cotton. Besides, it is worth noticing that thanks to the comfortable tailoring of trousers for young ladies, they can feel themselves free while moving. The swimming suits are made from a soft and stretchy fabric that provides both comfort and style. It becomes more and more popular to buy the kids wear of CAKEWALK brand online especially using our online children boutique.

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243 Bowery Street New York City, NY 10002.
Hotline:1900 – 123 456 78

Opening Hour

Friday: 09:00 – 23:00h

Saturday: 09:00 – 16:00h

Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00h

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