Caramelo Kids is a London-born trademark that has remained part of kids’ fashion segment for almost two decades. With such a rich experience in creating unique designs, Caramelo Kids designers seem to know everything about how to make boys, girls, and babies look stunning on memorable occasions in their lives.

Today, Caramelo Kids offers classically designed outfits for all sorts of events including christenings, birthday parties and weddings. They also use beautiful embellishments which make their collections even more attractive for global customers. Their designs have won loyalty of a myriad of adolescents due to the use of premium fabrics and unique approach to producing clothes for kids. Here you can also find a variety of beautiful accessories.

Brief story of the label

Caramelo Kids is a family business currently headquartered in Essex. Its history started in the end of 1980s when its future founders decided to create their first label – Couche Tot. Soon after that, the idea to establish one more kid’s wear trademark resulted in the foundation of Caramelo Kids.

Their aim was to create ageless collections of garments for infants and older kids. Today, the label’s most popular product is the Spanish-style dresses for girls, while their target audience is children aged from 0 to 8 years.

Reasons behind Caramelo Kids’ popularity

  • The label’s designers keep track of each stage of production process paying special attention to how the end product will look like. With such an approach, Caramelo Kids has become one of the most prominent trademarks on global kids’ wear market.
  • They offer a unique range of exclusive kid’s wear coupled with matching accessories as an addition to each garment in their collections.
  • The brand’s professionals never stop striving for perfection in everything they do. They constantly search for new ideas to keep their clientele satisfied. This is what keeps them on top of popularity throughout their history.

Best products by Caramelo Kids for babies, boys and girls

The label is known as an affordably priced yet luxury trademark that stays loyal to traditional styles but still tries to add something special to every new creation. One of their goals is to let children feel not like anyone else. That’s why the brand’s designers are always trying to create unique pieces of girls’ and boys’ wear to make this goal come into reality. Here is what they offer to children:

#1 Garments for girls

Three-piece set with checkered shorts

This is a beautiful girlie set comprising of three separate items that go together incredibly well. Blue and white shorts are produced from soft viscose fabric. You can also find a set where the shorts come in pink and white color mixture. The shorts are embellished with ruffles and have an elasticated waistband.

The set also includes a matching cotton T-shirt. It has ruffled sleeves and features a heart-shaped patch made from fabric flowers. To complete the look, the set contains a lovely hair accessory. The manufacturer advises to clean this item carefully without soaking or using harsh detergents.

Two-piece set with ivory top and pink leggings

This set is yet another popular creation of Caramelo Kids. It consists of a T-shirt made in ivory color and light pink leggings. It’s designed for girls and produced from cotton jersey fabric to ensure comfortable fit. The top has a beautiful print in the chest area and is decorated with truly amazing embellishments like pearls, floral elements and diamantes.

To make the top look like tunic, its hemline is trimmed with tulle. As for the leggings, they feature the elasticated waist which is designed to give girls the freedom of movement and make them feel great wherever they go. The leggings have a comfortable ¾ length, and the price for this fascinating set is quite reasonable.

#2 Number-one choices for infants

Comfortable shortie for babies

This beautiful shortie is suitable for baby girls and boys. It’s made in blue and white colors and produced from organic cotton that is soft and pleasant to wear. The white upper part is manufactured from stretchy jersey fabric, while the striped one is made from lightweight natural material. This garment also has a pocket on the chest and a collar, both of which are of matching colors. This item is machine washable so it’s won’t be hard for you to keep it clean and tidy. The secure fastening is positioned on the front side and between the legs.

Конец формы


Blue babysuit for boys

Babysuit for boys by Caramelo Kids is available in a combination of pale blue and white colors and is made from quality cotton material. The garment is distinguished by the knitted overlay which is lightweight and soft. The overlay is made in the matching blue color. One more detail of this garment is the navy blue bow tie produced from satin fabric. This piece is not machine washable so careful hand wash is preferable. The babysuit is fastened on the back side and between the legs.

#3 Must-have items for boys

Three-piece set with blue shorts for boys

This set for young boys by Caramelo Kids is characterized by high quality and amazing design. It consists of three pieces. One of them is a cotton shirt made in white color. It has a specially designed pointed collar and stylish black and red embroidery on the reverse side of the garment. The shirt is fastened with buttons on the chest. Another piece from this set is a slipover made from organic knitted cotton to guarantee 100% comfort. The last item is blue-colored shorts that have an adjustable waist to make sure they fit all sizes. They are fastened with one button while the lining is made from quality lightweight fabric.

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