Miranda is a highly popular and widely recognized brand of kids’ wear founded and headquartered in Spain. With such a long and truly successful history, the Spanish label has many exclusives styles and designs to proudly offer to its new and loyal customers. The designs of girls’, boys’ and baby wear from Miranda are made according to the classic traditions maintained by Spanish craftsmen.

As a result, the label became known as a producer and supplier of timeless designs of clothing for kids of any age and suitable for different occasions, including special events to make the memories about the precious time of childhood last for longer.

Different types of garments presented in the collections of Miranda have different lovely details and embellishments depending on the styles of particular items of clothes. These include lace trims, prints and appliqués among many others. The trademark also offers a great variety of matching accessories to be perfectly combined with the outfits of little kids. In this way, little customers always have a chance to find the best-matching garments and choose the suitable accessories from the growing variety of goods developed by Miranda designers.

A few facts from the brand’s history and main features of Miranda’s kids’ clothes

Miranda as a luxury Spanish brand has long become a supplier of only unique kids’ clothes with the most appealing features and characteristics to make them appealing for modern-day customers.

Miranda’s collections bristle with a really stunning variety of different models for all sorts of occasions and purposes. Each outfit is produced from the quality fabrics which may differ from one model to the other. Everything contained in Miranda’s collections is created with the use of only innovative technologies which is the key to the brand’s success and quick growth on the global market. Young fans of branded things always have a chance to find something truly unique among the offered range of goods. These may include:

  • Adorable and truly elegant dresses for special events;
  • Kids’ clothes for school or concerts and other similar occasions;
  • Casual wear for daily use or just for going for a walk with friends.

The brand continues to be a preferable choice among the growing number of clients, including both fans of classic designs and those who prefer something more elegant and sophisticated.

Meanwhile, the quality of every outfit is always outstanding so that it’ll hardly leave anyone indifferent. With the history of not less than 35 years and splendid reputation among young fashionistas and their parents, the brand continues offer more and more gorgeous products for children of absolutely any age and with different tastes and preferences in fashion.

Miranda provides a truly unique selection of boys’ and girls’ outfits which can always be matched with the beautifully embellished accessories to make the outfit complete. As a credible provider of children’s wear characterized by both classic and modern styles, the Spanish label has a strong position on the local market. Up to these days, it is headquartered in Andujar, Spain. The company is still considered a trustworthy supplier of not only stylish but also durable and practical clothes marked by the authentic designs and made of the finest fabrics.

The children’s clothes offered by the Spanish brand are mainly suitable for little babies, toddlers, and boys and girls aged up to 10 years. Every garment is made according to the best traditions of kids’ wear production approved and used by the best Spanish craftsmen.

Miranda’s special collection for siblings

In addition, Miranda is also known for the creation of a special collection for siblings – it contains many matching outfits for boys and girls alike. The selection of boys’ clothes here contains:

  • Rompers for baby boys;
  • Exclusive sets for little babies;
  • Various essential accessories for boys of different age groups.

As for the outfits for girls, they mainly comprise:

  • Traditionally designed dresses for various occasions;
  • Matching accessories like bonnets and bloomers;
  • Adorable sets of girls’ pants;
  • Elegant dresses and skirts for older girls;
  • Stylish shorts for casual wear;
  • Beautiful and always practical sets for girls of different age groups.

The outfits for both girls and boys produced by Miranda are made from the best-quality fabrics carefully chosen by the label’s designers. Every customer has a chance to choose whatever style they like most, while the prices are always reasonable.

For many of the modern-day customers, the brand’s baby and children’s wear often becomes a must-have purchase which never lets anyone regret their choice. Today, the goods from Miranda are available not only in the local boutiques, but also at various online platforms.

Best offerings for babies and older kids

Miranda develops and offers numerous pretty options for little boys and girls. Among the most desirable offerings of Miranda are:

  • Light striped dresses for girls made of the finest cotton and available in a variety of different colors. Their key features include frilled sleeves, laced trimmings, pretty design details, and various other elements ensuring a comfortable fit.
  • Girls’ hair accessories from Miranda may include cotton hairbands where the accessory itself is covered with red cotton fabric and has a blue and white trimming with a red bow as an additional design feature. Such accessories are suitable for girls aged from 2 to 12 years.
  • Light shortie and bonnet sets for baby girls and boys from Miranda. These are produced from the soft cotton fabric and have lovely laced trims among other pretty features. The sets offer great comfort to little babies, let alone that they look simply charming on both boys and girls.

Among many other luxurious yet always reasonably priced clothes for babies and older children are dresses made of cotton and linen blend, three-piece sets for both boys and girls, cute shorts sets with floral prints for baby girls, as well as other beautiful garments available in a myriad of different colors and color combinations.

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