In the age of fast fashion, many developers often use low-quality materials and cheap details of design like fastenings among others. This applies to not only adults’ clothes, but also kids’ wear. High-speed manufacturing of clothes negatively affects the quality of end products, so that more and more parents are buying clothes from trusted fashion brands with an excellent reputation in the fashion segment. This is a good way to buy both stylish and safe clothes for your child, even if the prices seem not very affordable.

Nowadays, there are more and more world-known designer brands offering high-quality goods for babies and older children. Such fashion labels produce kids’ wear according to the trusted traditions of production without compromising on style and design.

One of such brands is Mitch & Son which is currently famous for the exclusive kids’ wear of all styles and designs produced for boys aged from 6 to 12 years. Even though the label is still young, it has already proved to be a credible provider of classic and elegant items of clothes suitable for different purposes and occasions, let alone that the quality of its garments is always amazing.

Its collections comprise many classic and contemporary styles with innovative details of design, while the materials used for their production are also diverse and mainly include the finest-quality cotton with various elastic fabrics. Such clothes are not just stylish, but also comfortable and easy to wear. With every new season, the boys’ collections from Mitch & Son are added with new splendid garments that often become the favorites of young fashionistas.

Mitch & Son as an award-winning label

Mitch & Son has also earned many awards in 2020. The brand has become a winner of:

  • The Loved by Parents Award;
  • The award of the Best Junior Fashion Brand;
  • The award of the Best Baby Fashion Brand.

Such recognition proves that this is a trustworthy and reliable supplier of branded boys’ clothes of perfect quality and amazing styling.

The brand’s achievements

As a young designer trademark, Mitch & Son became part of the fashion industry back in 2014. It was founded due to the growing demand in fashionable and high-quality clothes for not only little children and toddlers but also boys aged over 6 years. With the view to produce something exclusive for the new target audience, the label began to create new designs and styles to meet the preferences and tastes of older kids.

To achieve this goal, the brand paid special attention to the smallest details of the boys’ clothes including not only the boys’ wear itself but also the matching accessories as an essential addition to every kid’s wardrobe. The newly created garments are easily to combine with each other to create different outfits for different occasions and purposes.

Careful choice of fabrics and a splendid variety of colors, as well as comfort and practicality of every piece of clothing have turned this label into a highly reputable and always reliable supplier of the finest outfits for older boys.

With all these characteristics in mind, the label has managed to turn into an easily recognizable brand supplying kids with always desirable pieces of clothes, the designs of which are loved by young fans of branded goods all over UK and in many other states.

A few words about the brand’s history

Picture Book Fashion Ltd is the parent company behind a number of fashion brands including:

  • A’Dee;
  • MiTCH;
  • Mitch & Son.

The company was founded in Glasgow as a family-owned business of Andrew and Michelle Molloy. The idea to create the company was based on the existing gap in the fashion market. In order to create the designs, styles and outfits which were absent on the market in those times, the company started to develop the most wanted options for the specific target audience. It had quick success and soon became a leader in the segment of branded children’s clothes across Great Britain and Holland.

The produced designs were trendy and fresh so that numerous customers found them highly attractive which also contributed to the popularity of the company. Initially, their goods were oriented on kids aged from 6 months to 6 years, whereas today, the company also offers many fascinating things for older children.

Key reasons to choose this brand

Due to the amazing color palette, the brand’s products are always in trend, while the masterfully created designs will hardly ever become outdated. The brand’s designs are always fun and playful. This attracts youngsters who want to keep up with the recent trends in fashion to always look great anywhere they go. Practicality of clothes and durability of fabrics also add up to the growing popularity of the label – this is yet another reason why Mitch & Son is valued by parents and kids alike.

Most popular types of boys’ wear from Mitch & Son

The brand has everything a young kid may want to buy including such popular options as:

  • Sport-style tracksuits which are always popular with contemporary kids;
  • Stylish and trendy shirts with different design features;
  • Jackets of different styles;
  • Shorts sets for boys;
  • Hooded windcheater jackets for nasty weather and every day use;
  • T-shirts made in different colors and added with all sorts of trendy prints;
  • Comfortable footwear like leather trainers as a new addition to the latest boys’ wear collection;
  • Different types of essential accessories for boys including caps, hats and socks among others.

With such an incredible variety of stylish clothes and accessories offered by Mitch & Son, boys of different ages and with different preferences in fashion have much to choose from, while the prices for the brand’s garments will never let anyone regret their choice.

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