As a Swedish supplier of comfortable kids’ footwear and accessories, the label has always tried to develop exclusive designs and manufacture the kids’ products in line with the traditions most commonly used by the local craftsmen. However, the brand does not ignore the use of innovative technologies either. A perfect blend of natural materials and charming designs also contributed to the growth and success of this brand on the local and European markets.

Today, the label is appreciated by parents and their little ones thanks to the wide variety of footwear designs always distinguished by the remarkable quality.

About Moccis products and their features

Moccasins, slipper socks and various other products often become a must-have addition to every kid’s wardrobe. Moccis produces luxurious styles with handcrafted details, which is especially true for slipper socks for little kids. These are available in a great number of lovely designs, while the materials used for their production always have impeccable characteristics. The goods for children by Moccis are not only made of natural materials but also added with leather anti-slip soles to guarantee maximum comfort to young users.

Moccis footwear and accessories for young fans of branded goods are all produced from eco-friendly materials which are certified according to the existing European norms. Owing to the talented work of the label’s designers and craftsmen, the brand is known as a reliable supplier of only quality and always comfortable products. The use of leather soles ensures greater flexibility and durability so that kids can enjoy maximum freedom of movement without interfering with the right development of little feet.

One of the most popular offering from Moccis is hand-sewn moccasins, which have many spectacular features like:

  • The ability to clean the moccasins in the washing machine to let them serve the young users for a longer period of time;
  • Great elasticity which guarantees a perfect fit without any risk of slipping from the kids’ feet;
  • Anti-slip soles made from quality suede leather;
  • Perfect ankle support;
  • Practical and durable construction allowing children to wear Moccis footwear for a long time;
  • Moccis shoes are produced from only organic and breathable materials of premium quality to ensure that they offer not just comfort but also maximum safety with no risks of harming the kids’ feet;
  • Amazing flexibility prevents each sample of shoes from falling off the children’s feet during any indoor activity.

As for the moccasin slipper socks, they are marked by truly outstanding Swedish quality which is approved not only by multiple positive reviews of previous users, but also the certificates acquired by the brand as proof of their products’ safety. Some customers even claim that the footwear of Moccis has the best characteristics among many of the label’s competitors.

The socks from Moccis are cozy, warm, and breathable allowing kids of any age to enjoy various activities with no hindrances. All this makes Moccis a perfect choice for home use, wearing on the playground or in the pre-school facilities. Due to all these benefits, the company is rated as a reliable producer of the best indoor shoes for all seasons and circumstances.

About Moccis: The story of the label

Similarly to most of other parents, the founder of Moccis, Anna Wetterlin has very active kids who enjoy different activities outdoors like climbing, running and playing with friends. However, all active kids tend to slip and fall while playing outdoors – this leads to the complaints about the discomfort felt during such activities and it may also lead to the damage of socks and footwear.

As claimed by Anna Wettelin herself, the future founder of the successful trademark was inspired by her own experience when she was a kid. Once she thought about the kind of moccasins she used to have as a child. It was a blend of a slipper and sock which had a soft sole made of leather. Such construction prevented the risk of slipping and falling down. Therefore, she decided to start creating similar footwear for kids which would be comfortable, soft and, at the same time, very durable. She thought it would be a great solution for her own children especially because she couldn’t find anything like that on the market.

Even after researching the available models, Anna Wetterlin came across the model of moccasins with good characteristics but a rather boring and outdated design. She then began to develop her own collection of moccasins which would be comfortable yet trendy all at once. From penguins to double-decker buses and dinosaurs, her designs were simply adorable.

Anna paid special attention to every stage of the manufacturing process in order to enhance the traditional style of moccasins and bring something truly innovative into the modern age. The soles of her products were made of leather which could be easily washed. She also used only the top-quality materials to guarantee that her goods are not just durable but also don’t lose their shape or irritate the kids’ feet. Meanwhile, she also added a few handcrafted details to maintain the traditions of the past.

Reasons for today’s popularity of Moccis

Today, children’s moccasins from Moccis look fun and playful while their characteristics are simply impeccable. All this contributed to the immense growth and popularity of the label so that even celebrities find the designs of Moccis really cute and lovely.

Nowadays, mothers all over Europe are happy to know that Moccis will help them to prevent the possible injuries of kids’ feet, encourage their healthy growth, and provide safety at home and outdoors.

Children themselves love to wear Moccis footwear while playing and sometimes refuse from taking them off even for the nighttime. Some of the brand’s goods are available in adult sizes so that the label’s collections often become the favorites of the whole family. This makes them a number-one choice for parents and kids.

Every collection by Moccis is available for a restricted period of time so be sure you purchase your favorite models before they are sold out.

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