Moon Boot is one of the most luxurious footwear brand ever. The founders of the line – Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin – were inspired by Neil Armstrong landing on Moon, and decided to create a unique collection of similar astronauts’ boots. Moon Boot was chosen as the most significant brand of the 20th century by Louvre Museum. The company produces high quality shoes from best textile and supplies soft inner in order to provide kids with comfort walking. It is also worth noticing that the products are waterproof and will keep the feet soft while raining. Besides, an extraordinary astronautic design attracts the view of many buyers. Each pair of boots comes with a convenient lacing fastening on the front – it makes the putting on and taking off easier. The brand tries to satisfy the tastes both of girls and boys; for this reason it uses bright pink, blue, green, purple, orange and other colors. The logo of the company is usually place on around the item itself. It makes the shoe look even more stylish. Moon Boot has become very popular in many countries of Europe and the United States. It does not matter do you live in Monaco or on Alaska, you can always buy Moon Boot for your kid online.

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