Initially, Moose Knuckles as a relatively young Canadian trademark produced only adult collections of fashionable clothes. Over the years, the brand achieved incredible success on the respective market and soon turned its attention to the creation of mini-me collections for children belonging to different age groups.

As a signature of the brand, Moose Knuckles offers a truly superb variety of not only adults’ outerwear but also warm and cozy kids’ clothes for colder seasons like:

  • Quality outerwear of different types with amazing weatherproof characteristics;
  • Stylish and warm jackets specially designed for boys and girls;
  • Accessories for cold weather as an inseparable part of the label’s collections.

These and other options have various splendid details of design and are all made of only top-quality materials to guarantee that children are dressed properly for any weather.

Moose Knuckles history: Foundation and story of success

Established in 2009, the company started its activity from the development of truly splendid collections of sportswear. The company was originated in Canada which explains why the major goal of the label’s developers was to create outstanding warm clothes for cold weather. Down jackets, puffer coats and parkas are only a few samples of what this designer brand has on offer. The garments are all made from the premium-quality fabrics to make every piece of clothing last for a long time.

Soon after the first collections of the label were presented to the public, the family-owned business has earned global recognition among both city dwellers and those who live in rural areas. Every item of clothing is created by real experts who know exactly what customers need in the environmental conditions of Canada.

The company has always tried to develop and use its own innovative production technologies. At the same time, they are also loyal to the inherent Canadian heritage to make sure that every detail of design is made impeccably. Exclusive tailoring techniques, amazing materials, and close attention to details have helped this label to earn a perfect reputation among young and adult customers all over the world. Nowadays, their products are sold in around 25 countries.

Key features of kids’ clothes by Moose Knuckles

The outerwear from Moose Knuckles is valued by worldwide customers not only for its superb quality but also for the next additional elements of design:

  • The company’s logo on the sleeve;
  • The use of classic details;
  • The use of top-quality fur of different types and colors;
  • The presence of internal pockets with a specially designed metal emblem on some of them;
  • Useful details of design like detachable hoods and many others;
  • Presence of different amazing prints.

All this is meant to make the style of every garment different from that of others. The team of the label’s designers is attentive to the choice of raw materials for their future products, which explains why their clothes can endure even continuous use.

Moose Knuckles’ clothes are created with the use of different types of fabrics, the perfect combination of which allows for the great durability and warmth of each item. This aspect is only one of the numerous issues considered by the label’s team of designers. The garments have perfect protection from rain and wind – this allows customers to feel warm even at 40 degrees below zero.

What’s more, the zippers and fastenings used by the company are also the best. The YKK zipper used by the label in all of its designs has long proved to be the most durable and long-lasting type of fastening existing today. It may feel stiff at first, but it easily loosens with time. It’s also a double zipper so it can be adjusted according to the needs of customers for them to feel comfortable in any setting.

Additional useful and stylish details of design

The use of detachable hoods on most of the label’s products simplifies the matter of cleaning the overcoats with no risk of causing harm to the hood itself. The trademark also uses only top-quality types of fur like Arctic Blue and Silver Fox. Each of these types is made with quality and ethics in mind. The colors of fur may also vary depending on the particular model. Some of the most widely used combinations include:

  • White or black;
  • A mixture of brown and white colors;
  • Silver, etc.

As for the key characteristic of fur used by Moose Knuckles, it is usually a lot softer than not very quality one. A great advantage here is the fluffy look which helps the chosen garment to remain beautiful for many years to come. This feature will definitely be appreciated by parents and children alike.

What makes the kids’ outerwear of Moose Knuckles so warm?

To make sure that the mini-me versions of the label’s outerwear are warm enough to sustain even the harshest weather conditions, Moose Knuckles brand uses a really good thermal insulator – Grey Duck Down. It is currently known as one of the most trusted and fully certified insulators on the modern-day market. Moose Knuckles developers use this type of insulator for such products as kids’ jackets and parkas to make them well-protected and fully padded for greater warmth and comfort.

Meanwhile, the use of an insulator is not everything – the company’s developers also pay attention to such aspects as breathability, waterproof properties as well as the ability to keep body heat. As for the additional details, some of them can be subtle to make sure that the offered outerwear for children is customized in line with the client’s needs but still preserves its inherent uniqueness peculiar to all designs of Moose Knuckles.

The abundance of unique styles and designs reflects the primary vision of the label – winter clothes are as different as those who wear them.

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