As a relatively young designer trademark, Nik & Nik is a highly promising Dutch company that provides a whole abundance of different types of kids’ clothes. Every collection of clothes for boys and girls represents an ideal blend of high-end designs, elegant classics, and casual style with a special touch. Due to the immense diversity of clothes and accessoriesб, as well as the abundance of different colors and elements of decoration, the kids’ collections by Nik & Nik are likely to meet the tastes of any young customer interested in fashion. For the vast majority of clients, the Nik & Nik label has already become the favorite trademark.

The collections of the Dutch brand are oriented on both boys and girls, especially those who prefer bold combinations of colors and vivid designs that help the young fashionistas to stand out from the crowd and reveal their individuality and personal taste in fashion. The main elements of design predominating in the collections of Nik & Nik include vibrant prints and logotypes, various unique slogans, and many others.

Although the label is still developing, its selection of goods is quickly growing and keeps pleasing young boys and girls with new outfits. Nowadays the products of the label can be found at fashion boutiques as well as at different online platforms where parents and their kids can easily find the best-matching option and get it at a fair with no difficulties.

Collections of the label: Best offerings for boys and girls and their features

Nik & Nik offers a truly impressive selection of stylish and high-quality kids’ wear designed for children of various age categories. There are many things for which this label is appreciated by clients – this refers not only to the designs of products, but also to their quality. In this respect, the label’s goods meet the strictest requirements to quality which is proved by not just certifications but also the growing number of grateful customers.

The collections of kids’ products themselves are divided into several categories including:

  • Casual wear for daily use;
  • Elegant apparels for special occasions or festive events;
  • Outerwear for cold seasons or unfavorable weather conditions;
  • Accessories to make the outfits of boys and girls complete.

The label’s clients can easily combine different garments with one another in order to create a perfect outfit for any occasion. The collections of Nik & Nik comprise many perfectly designed goods for customers of any age including the next stylish items:

  • Girls’ dresses and skirts which are suitable for parties, holidays, and other special events, as well as wearing on a daily basis;
  • Different types of T-shirts made in all sorts of colors like beige, blue, pink, black and others. The designs of boys’ and girls’ T-shirts may vary from one model to the other, which especially refers to the elements of décor like prints, logotypes and stylish mottos;
  • Accessories like belts;
  • Classically designed denim wear which includes jeans, jackets and other essential goods;
  • Comfortable and stylish hoodies and vests for colder seasons, as well as other types of outerwear for wintertime or windy and rainy weather;
  • Different kinds of sportswear for active kids and teenagers.

All clothes by the label are 100% original and can be purchased at various online shops at a highly reasonable price. The kids’ wear from this brand is also produced from only premium-quality materials like cotton and velour to ensure that they meet the preferences and demands of both parents and kids.

Why young fashionistas love this label?

Today, it has become much easier to choose the necessary types of clothes and develop one’s individual style in fashion due to the abundance of iconic fashion houses. And most of contemporary children get interested in fashion starting from the early years of life. The Nik & Nik label offers chic clothes for children of any age and absolutely any taste in fashion. The team of designers behind this trademark is aware that dressing fashionably is a real art.

Nik & Nik offers a truly fascinating collection of boys’ and girls’ clothes distinguished by the outstanding quality, comfort, and perfect design to help children reveal their individual style starting from childhood.

Description of the best-selling products on offer

  • Velour top for girls

This item is made of the ideal blend of cotton velour and elastic fabric. It is available in pink color and has a convenient zip fastening. To make it look stylish and dressy, the top is embellished with a branded logo of the company made in the form of embroidery depicted on the front. It also has a white trimming and a few pockets for greater convenience among many other elements of design and additional stylish features. The cost of this option is also appealing.

  • Blue T-shirt with the label’s logotype for teenagers

This is also a stylish item of casual wear for teens. It is made in navy blue color and is produced from an elastic cotton material that is light and pleasant to wear. It is embellished with a statement slogan depicted on the front. There is also a logo on the reverse side of the model.

  • Black maxi dress by Nik & Nik with a stylish design

This is yet another stylish piece of clothing for teens by Nik & Nik. It is made of delicate and light material. Thanks to the beautiful embellishments, the item can be used not only on a daily basis, but also on special events.

Check out the collections of the label online, and you’ll definitely find the best-matching option to suit your individual taste.

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