Australian brand Nobody different non-standard approach to the design of clothing. The company not only engaged in the production of jeans, it is engaged in a constant search for the individual ideas that make up the resulting philosophy of life. Designers of trademark Nobody in order not to create a cult of its models remain anonymous creators. They firmly believe that it is better just to create great jeans, and not hide behind a great name for a denim brand. Therefore, their production is, figuratively speaking, “without a face.”

The company emerged from a small jeans laundry on the outskirts of Melbourne, which was founded in 1999 by brothers Nick and John Condyles. 20 years before the brothers studied the properties of denim. In the future, this knowledge had simply invaluable assistance in the creation of the brand, the main feature of which was the production of quality products.

Now jeans have become the most popular product in the women’s locker room. In addition, Nobody company in a very short period of existence, been able to achieve rapid success, while maintaining the necessary balance between the brightness and originality, between individuality and classic.

Currently, trademark Nobody is constantly collaborating with the Japanese factories that produce premium-denim. This material is produced in special machines, the US, which in the old heyday produced denim for famous brand Levi’s. The process of jeans production today takes place all in the same facilities, which now has become a modern Melbourne studio.

Nobody Company uses in the production process of Japanese denim. From this material were sewn jeans popular Guilty premium collection. A distinctive feature of these models has become accessories in the form of a ring on the belt and the blade. However, companies do not use the same material for the production of different models. In the skinny models, for example, use a special material – stretch from the United States. Namely well it fits this is a very gentle, soft fabric that does not contract figure, namely well it fits. European manufacturers are in the lead so far in the method of surface staining tissue. In this regard, for the production of popular models with an upper fabric coated trademark Nobody uses European tissue production


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Friday: 09:00 – 23:00h

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