O’Neill – American professional brand fashion apparel and shoes for surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and kite surfing. In addition, under the O’Neill brand produces the youth clothing line for the city, stroll and relax in the water. Due to the fact that when O’Neill clothing manufacture using cutting-edge materials, it is elastic, quick-drying and well breathable. Summer collection O’Neill – is clothing and footwear for the beach and sun of the street, and festive at the same time daily. The main lines of clothing O’Neill:

International Series – clothing line, where the focus is on functionality and practicality. By design clothing lines can be attributed to minimalism – there is practically no decorative details and ornaments. Clothing made seamless technology using a three-layer of airtight material.

Explore Series – clothing line created on the principle of “soft protection”. In the first place this line of developers put comfort and convenience. Clothing is also sewn from a three-layer material.

Freedom Series – a line of clothing, most adapted for street wear conditions. Bright, with color prints and patterns – it is suitable for those who are not afraid to attract attention.

Launch Series – beautiful and most functional line. It is characterized by traditional design and an optimal cut for athletes.

Collections of American companies are always filled with unique products: all things have a copyright registration with the symbol of the brand, familiar to many. The main characteristic of the company’s products is impressive ease of wardrobe items. Constant movement requires the need to create special garments cut. The lack of stiffness is an important factor in guaranteeing the most comfortable classes.

O’Neill Clothing addressed to both sexes. Charming women’s and men’s thoroughly thought-out range will delight connoisseurs of individuality.

Product range:

Ryder is very important the correct choice of clothing. Jackets O’Neill, and protect against hypothermia due to wet membrane materials will help absorb a snowboard or skis. Women differ from men jackets more elegant brim.
Wonderful winter costumes include just two major subjects – jacket and pants. Single style products are an advantage.
Wardrobe items, releases even beyond line of outerwear O’Neill.
The range, which includes gloves, hats and so on.
Footwear. The collections include an extensive selection of light summer models


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