As a young supplier of organic baby care goods, the Original Sprout label caters for the needs of little babies starting from the early years of life. The company takes inspiration in the surrounding nature to create only organic and absolutely safe baby care goods. The goods developed by this label contain only natural ingredients that not only have any hazardous substances but also comprise numerous vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Such ingredients do not only nourish the skin of little babies, but also make it soft and silky. Developed for all types of skin, the goods of the label ideally suit kids and adults alike so that mothers may have no concerns about their children’s health.

Appealing features of baby care goods by Nik & Nik

The baby essentials by Nik & Nik are not only risk-free but also have pleasant scents and beautiful designs so that they may also become a perfect gift for your friends and relatives. Besides, they are also ideal as self-care products, and the variety of goods contains many exquisite options like:

  • Organic shampoos;
  • Baby creams;
  • Hair detanglers, etc.

Among the key benefits of this label is that every collection of baby essentials consists of numerous exclusive options suitable for kids of any age category, from 0 to 16 years and more.

Story of Original Sprout in greater detail

Original Sprout is a US-born label whose founder started her career as a hairstylist. Her daughter, however, had a very sensitive skin. Her mother tried many skin care goods available on the market at that time hoping to find the best-matching solution to help her daughter, but the chosen products had absolutely no effect.

Being rather disappointed by the available choice, she decided to create the organic line of hair and skin care goods distinguished by the absence of any dangerous substances causing no risk even to sensitive skin. Today, the Organic Sprout is proud of being a highly successful label especially because the trend of buying different natural goods has become popular all over the globe.

Features of skin care goods for babies and adults

The company delivers a great diversity of self-care and baby nursery goods distinguished by many benefits and attactive features:

  • All of them are biodegradable;
  • 100% vegan-friendliness is guaranteed;
  • The goods are free from different harmful ingredients like PhytoEstrogens, Soy, and Parabens among others;
  • They also contain no gluten that may be dangerous for skin and body.

As a result, the goods developed by this label are absolutely free from anything that may cause harm or pose some risk to childrens’ and adults’ health and skin.

Collections of Original Sprout: Best offerings and their main characteristics

The goods of the label are absolutely diverse and consist of the next amazing options:

#1 All-natural styling balm for the entire family

This item is vegan-friendly as it contains only natural components suitable for all types of skin and customers of any age. A small drop of this balm is enough to keep the hair style fresh for the entire day.

This is a classic styling balm containing such ingredients as cocoa and shea butter that produce a long-lasting effect and keep the hair and scalp nourished for the entire day. This is an ideal substitute for non-toxic goods available in abundance on today’s market.

To use this product correctly, you only need to have a special comb and go through your hair properly to achieve the right effect. The product is suitable for both dry and damp hair. Other attractive features include the next ones:

  • Neutral level of pH;
  • Appropriate for any age, including toddlers, kids and adults;
  • Useful components and additional extracts having a delicate scent like calendula and rosemary;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • Suitable for any type of hair of absolutely any texture;
  • Long-lasting effect guaranteed;
  • Absence of risky components like soy, honey, gluten and peanut, or some dairy byproducts;
  • 100% vegan-friendly ingredients.

#2 Classic shampoos from Original Sprout with a mild effect

This type of product is suitable for newborn babies and older children. It’s absolutely free from any dangerous components, while its effect is gentle and delicate. It does not cause any irritation of scalp and doesn’t get into the eyes. To use it in the correct manner, you only need to apply it to the hair and then rinse it with water to make your baby’s hair look soft and not to cause any harm to the scalp.

Main properties of this type of shampoo include the next ones:

  • The size of the bottle allows using it for a long period of time;
  • It’s suitable even for vegans due to the absence of toxic substances;
  • In addition to the rest of ingredients, the shampoo contains cucumber, calendula, and rosemary to keep the hair nourished with many useful ingredients;
  • It has a mild level of pH;
  • It doesn’t irritate the babies’ eyes;
  • The shampoo is appropriate even for the very little ones, etc.

#3 Baby cream for sensitive skin

The baby cream moisturizes the skin of little babies and does not cause any adverse reactions due to the absence of any toxic substances. It should be applied like the rest of creams – you need to massage it into the skin, preferably after bathtime. Just like all other skin care goods for babies, the cream causes no harm to health and also contains many fragrant components like calendula, lavender, and musk among others. Among others, this item has been tested for quality by pediatricians, has a mild pH level, and leaves absolutely no residues.

The label also offers many other goods like body cleansing solutions and deep conditioners for the little kids. All goods are of ideal quality and available at a highly reasonable cost.

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