As a famous Italian brand, Parajumpers manufactures innovatively designed outerwear created specially for kids using advanced technologies and innovative materials to make the garments practical, high-quality, and fashionable. The kids’ collections by Parajumpers contain a great variety of clothes for girls and boys aged 8 to 16 years. They consist of different warm and comfortable items like jackets, puffer coats, and many others.

Just like the rest of clothes for colder seasons, the outergarments by this label also have premium-quality filling and fur hoods. Parajumpers is also trying to make their products functional and durable so that the quality of fabrics is their main priority. Besides, the brand’s goods are designed to be used on a daily basis due to their casual styles and always trendy features. All this guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Parajumpers’ clothes are a great investment for numerous parents globally, while the fabrics allows for maximum protection from dirt, rain, snow, and wind. The outerwear by this label is also long-lasting. The clothes for kids from Parajumpers are also added with extra pockets specially designed for electronic devices like smartphones. The padding of the brand’s clothes guarantees 100% comfort, coziness, and warmth, and this is what makes the label’s goods perfect for any weather.

The motto and mission of the label

The main mission of the Parajumpers’ label remains unchanged starting from the very foundation of the company. It is aimed at creating the kids’ goods that are to protect children from nasty weather and to inspire them for the exploration of new things in life and become the main hero in their individual life story. The motto of the company is to keep encouraging young people for growth and development throughout their life.

The company creates the heritage for the contemporary youth and future generations of young explorers. Thanks to their collections, young people have everything for conquering new horizons in life.

The range of Parajumpers clothes for children: Features, styles, and designs

The label has an extensive collection of clothes for little kids and older children. Their selection of goods is available both at online shops and in the brand’s boutiques. Their collections consist of the latest designs of kids’ wear having much in common with the range of clothes for adults. These include different types of clothes of absolutely any size to fit children of any age.

The main peculiarity of jackets, puffer coats, and other warm clothes is the special filling that is meant to keep young customers warm in any season. Other characteristics of the label are:

  • Minimum risk of easy wear and tear;
  • Practicality and comfort;
  • High-tech materials including neylon with water-repellant properties;
  • High-quality fur on the hoods of outerwear;
  • Many useful features to guarantee better protection;
  • Lots of functional features like zip fastenings and proper tailoring;
  • Superb design and exceptional style of every garment.

The style of most clothes from this developer is marked by the original details and the garments themselves are made in sports style. All details of design and other characteristics of outerwear are meant to be used even in the harshest weather conditions.

Such types of clothes help to live in absolutely any environment and even the harshest city realities. Exactly for this reason, both the amateur athletes who prefer spending holidays in the mountains and the professional sportsmen love this brand.

Story of Parajumpers in brief

The label is comparably young being founded by Massimo Rossetti only in 2005. His kids’ collections mostly include coats, jackets, and other types of technologically advanced, protective, and warm outfits. His designs are inspired by the 210th Rescue Squadron that worked in the extreme conditions of Alaska with the aim to save people’s lives.

The label’s founder is an experienced designer of outerwear, while the concept of his label remains the same even nowadays – not to cause any discomfort and make the life of a person less complicated. The brand has even become popular with celebrities – some of them include David Guetta, Carmen Electra and lots of others.

Over time, the label has become easily recognizable not only in Europe, but many other districts of the world. The success of the label is explained by numerous reasons, like the top quality of materials used during the production process, the exceptional variety of goods for kids, as well as their exclusive peculiarities.

Along with the growth of the company, the assortment of goods has expanded – today, the label also offers such goods as T-shirts and other kinds of light clothes, as well as hair accessories for any season. The very name of the trademark embodies the energy of dynamic life. Designers have done everything to make their collections attractive for both young customers and adults.

Types of kids’ clothes designed by Parajumpers and their characteristics

Initially, the label offered only puffer coats, warm jackets, and other types of winter clothes for kids and grownups. Over time, their range of clothes has expanded considerably. Today, the Italian trademark produces many other types of clothes like:

  • Bomber jackets and hooded jackets for young girls and boys;
  • Leather coats and vests;
  • Hooded parka coats for children;
  • Kids’ down padded jackets of different colors and sizes;
  • Knitwear and hoodies;
  • Accessories like bags and rucksacks, hats, caps, and gloves among many other things.

All outerwear of the label for young boys and girls are super comfortable and warm being suitable for any environmental conditions due to the use of highly durable synthetic and natural materials that:

  • Protect body from overheating;
  • Have water-repellant qualities;
  • Are windproof and breathable.

Besides, the prices on kids’ wear from the label are highly attractive, and their designs are always impeccable.

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