PAZ RODRIGUEZ is a well known Spanish brand of trendy clothing for the smallest ones. It was established in 1970 in a small town Vigo, Galicia. The company offers its products for babies & toddlers aged up to 18 months and also for boys and girls up to 10 years old. The main feature of PAZ RODRIGUEZ is creating its items from natural fabrics only. It is worth saying that the manufacturers use 100% soft cotton and 100% wool in tailoring. They guarantee parents to provide their babies & toddlers with maximum comfort all year round, starting from the first days of their life. The creative designers follow the last tendencies in fashion too. Each item of PAZ RODRIGUEZ is made to attract a kid. It is embroidered with silky ribbon bows, lace hems, puffed cuffs and ruffle collars that add some chic to the whole look. Girls will stay remarkable for sure. Delicate lace and print bonnets are adorable by many young ladies. Modern parents are offered a wide variety of wool shawls and cotton blankets. Besides, lovely baby nests are very popular. Nowadays PAZ RODRIGUEZ is famous not only in Spain, but in other European countries and in the United States as well. Today the products of PAZ RODRIGUEZ are available for online purchasing.

PAZ RODRIGUEZ for Babies & Toddlers

First of all, I want to tell you about so-called premature items from PAZ RODRIGUEZ baby collection. The variety is great: knitted and cotton blankets; faux fur and padded blankets for cold seasons; light wool knitted shawls; changing bags & changing mats; baby nests (light and padded, from cotton, fur & wool materials); baby footmuffs; exclusive car seat nests (it includes a foot muff, a seat liner and a hood cover).

I want to tell you more about these PAZ RODRIGUEZ car seat nests. It is very rare baby accessory, but it is very useful! First of all you can choose the color you want, if you have a baby girl you can buy so cute pink, lilac, beige or peach car seat nest with ruffles and lace. For a baby boy, you can buy a lovely blue car seat nest. If you prefer some neutral colors you can buy PAZ RODRIGUEZ’s grey car seats, knitted or jacquard. The second great thing about baby car seat nest is that you can easily wash it in the washing machine. This means that there is no need to visit a dry clean service to clean your car seat (and every parent knows that the car seat becomes dirty very fast). Now you can just easily take off your car seat nest and wash it by hands or in any washing machine at 30-40C degree.

PAZ RODRIGUEZ offers many stylish baby clothing and accessories. For now, you can buy baby wear from newborn size (0 month old) to 18 months old babies. There are various babysuits for boys and girls, knitted, velour or cotton. All colors are pastel or look washed, like washed blue, washed pink, ivory, light grey, beige… all of them look so gentle and lovely, ideal for little babies, toddlers and infants. These baby suits by PAZ RODRIGUEZ may be a 1 piece item or 2 pieces. They may have a long sleeve tops or short sleeves, pants or shorties, the choice depends only on your preferences and season.

If you are looking for some baby clothes for a special occasion (like Christening), you can buy gorgeous ivory or white gown or gown set by PAZ RODRIGUEZ. It will suit both for boys and girls. These baby gown sets are just ideal: made in beautiful organza with a soft cotton lining, trimmed with luxury lace, may be decorated with a large grosgrain bow on the front or mother-of-pearl buttons on the back. Your baby girl will look like little princes or like a small angel if you have a baby boy. If you are looking for a special gift for Christening you can buy one of these beautiful baby gown sets by PAZ RODRIGUEZ.

If you are not lucky to live in the region where it is always hot and sunny weather, you will definitely need some coats and jackets for your baby. Do not forget that babies and toddlers have a bad temperature regulation system, so they will need warm coats even for moderately cold weather. Take a look on PAZ RODRIGUEZ baby boy and baby girl coats and jackets. Some models are made in soft faux fur or bouclé materials, they look very warm and cozy, but they are much more practical than real fur or natural wool coats & jackets. Faux fur and boucle baby coats by PAZ RODRIGUEZ can be easily washed in the washing machine, there is no need to visit dry laundry every time your baby had an active time on the playground : )

What can be more cute than baby girls dresses? They can be casual dresses for everyday use or gorgeous dresses for very special occasions, but if they are baby dresses by PAZ RODRIGUEZ they are all made with love. Floral prints and lace, lightweight cotton with starts or penguins & polar bears, stylish red and blue tartan check or neutral ivory, pink smoked or blue, beige dresses. You can buy any dress you like and suits your baby wardrobe.

For baby boys and also for baby girls PAZ RODRIGUEZ offers outfit sets. If can be a combination of different pieces of clothing: shorts + long sleeve tops, shorts + short sleeve tops, 3 pieces set like knitted shorts + dress with a knitted collar + knitted bonnet, boys linen classic set with shirt + jacket + shorts or pants. As you can see there are many variants and combinations of baby clothes sets by PAZ RODRIGUEZ. One of the best things about any baby or child clothing set is that there is no need to combine and match different clothing. Sometimes parents may be confused and had a problem with stylish wear matching, but when you buy a baby set you can be sure that you have a full baby outlook without any problems and stress.

If you do not want to buy baby sets and need just top for your boy or girl, you can choose many tops from PAZ RODRIGUEZ baby collection. There are many blouses, cardigans, sweaters, t-shirts with long or short sleeve, both for boys and girls.

Sure designer cannot forget about such a use useful accessory for any baby as a hat. You can buy baby hats for spring and summer, they can be made in lightweight cotton, with lace and pearls decorations bonnets or hats or hats may be knitted, but also very lightweight knits. PAZ RODRIGUEZ has autumn and winter baby hats too. There are cotton knitted hats and bonnets, wool knitted baby hats and bonnets with wooly or fur pom-poms. The colors of hats and bonnets, as all PAZ RODRIGUEZ baby collections, are various, good for baby girl and boy.

PAZ RODRIGUEZ thinks not only about useful baby accessories but also about accessories that make the baby look more stylish. You can buy girls baby collars, made with faux fur, in navy blue, grey or pink colors. These collars can make any coat or jacket look more luxury and at the same time gives additional warms and comfort for your baby girl.

PAZ RODRIGUEZ Clothing and Accessories for Boys

Parents can buy clothing and accessories by PAZ RODRIGUEZ not only for babies, but also for boys from 2 and up to 10 years old. There are many lovely items available to purchase online. The style and colors are very recognizable, the designer has its own unique style that he offers for all his customers. As a result you can buy boys PAZ RODRIGUEZ suits, boys outfits and outfit sets (that can include boys classic shirts with long or short sleeves, polo t-shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, shorts, pants, shorts with bracers and many others combinations and variations). The materials that PAZ RODRIGUEZ uses for boys clothes and accessories are natural, breathing and safe for a child skin. It is hard to find extremely bright colors in PAZ RODRIGUEZ children clothes collections, the designer prefers pastel, washed colors that look so cute.

If you want to buy boys trousers or tops you can find many variants in our online boutique. Classic trousers, jeans, chinos made in cotton, denim, velour etc. all designed by PAZ RODRIGUEZ especially for boys (elastic waist, stretching materials so boys can actively play all day long in these pants). If you already have enough boys trousers, but you want to buy some top you can find various shirts, t-shirts. sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies, cardigans and many others.

You can also buy PAZ RODRIGUEZ boys accessories such as hats, bonnets, scarves and gloves. All accessories are ideally matching to other clothing by this designer.

PAZ RODRIGUEZ Clothing and Accessories for Girls

You can buy PAZ RODRIGUEZ girls dresses and they are just perfect! There are some models good for everyday, casual wear, other dresses models are ideal for a special occasion or some party. You can always buy all these girls dresses online using our child boutique. For autumn and summer seasons you can decorate some of these dresses with stylish fur collar, to make girls outlook more gorgeous and elegant. The colors or the collars are matching to dress colors, so there is no need to worry about this.

Looking for the girl coat or jacket? PAZ RODRIGUEZ has many different options for you: knitted, cotton, faux fur, boucle materials – are perfect for the warm and stylish coat or jacket.

So trendy in last seasons leggings can buy purchased for your girl too. You can wear them as trousers with a t-shirt or sweatshirt, with a blouse or cardigan or you can combine them with the dress for the extra warmth. If you do not like leggings you can buy knitted, cotton or velour trousers for your girl.

For those parents who prefer to buy ready to wear outfit sets designer PAZ RODRIGUEZ proposes girls outfits (set of 2 or 3 items).

As you can see the variety of PAZ RODRIGUEZ children collection is great and there is no need to visit many malls or search across the inet. You can find all new collections and sales clothing, shoes and accessories in our online child boutique. Here you can shop 24/7, without crowd and lines even in the “hottest” seasonal sales days!

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