Penguin Books is a well known brand of book, which was established by Allen Lane already in 1935. Though the line is an old one, it is still considered to be one of the most demanded among young children. The founder thought there was a lack of contemporary fiction in the reading market, so she decided to satisfy the demands of modern generation. Books of famous writers, such as Beatrix Potter, Roald Dahl, Hemingway, Christie and others are represented by the brand. The main goal of Penguin Books is to attract young kids and make them read more. For this reason bright pictures and colorful images are used. Each child will adore new style and interpretation of classic literature. Besides, it is worth saying that there is a special collection of books for the smallest one for teaching them letters and sounds – it is a big advantage. A book by Penguin Books can become as a nice gift for a birthday or any other festive occasion. Today the brand has become very demanded among modern parents and kids in many countries of Europe and the United States. It is very easy to buy Penguin Books online.

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