Petitcollin is a fashionable French brand that is mainly focused on fabricating toys for young girls. The main feature of the line is making unique and extraordinary dolls, which are made from phthalate-free vinyl. The products were all tested and are considered to be safe for using. The craftsmen work on combining luxurious materials with unbelievable designs. It is worth saying that each item is perfumed lightly with vanilla and nicely dressed in handmade clothing. The qualified manufacturers try to produce the doll of many girls’ dream. Each young lady will be satisfied with a stunning toy-friend by Petitcollin. Besides, the creative designers use their imagination in order to make wonderful models. Each wears wonderful apparels. Baby dolls in bathes, school girls, dolls dressed in festive clothing and others are widely represented in the collection of the company. The line also offers a nice variety of special sets, which come with additional feeding, bathing and taking care details. It can serve as a perfect gift for a birthday of any other hilarious occasion. Petitcollin has become one of the most preferable brands among young girls and modern parents. It is already possible to buy the toys of Petitcollin online as well.

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Friday: 09:00 – 23:00h

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