As a highly famous Italian fashion trademark, the brand develops high-quality, comfortable, and beautifully designed clothes and accessories for girls aged from 0 to 14 years. Each piece of clothing manufactured by this label has a well-thought design where all characteristics and details are taken into account.

Apart from the exemplary design features and other characteristics, the team of designers behind the Piccola Ludo label pays special attention to the choice of materials for their future products. The fabrics used by the label’s developers include only the finest-quality and child-friendly fabrics.

The colors of the end products mostly include beige, blue, yellow, black, and white coupled with many other bright and vivid colors. Young fans of branded goods absolutely adore the clothes and accessories developed by the trademark due to their unique designs and great quality of each item on offer. Today, Piccola Ludo is famous all across Europe and other areas of the globe.

Major features of the label’s goods

  • The abundance of fun and playful embellishments, especially in girls’ collections;
  • Durable fastenings of great quality meant to endure continuous use;
  • Exceptional and unique elements of design that vary from one type of clothing to the other making the kids’ collections especially attractive for young clients and their parents;
  • The undoubtedly great quality of each item explained by the use of premium fabrics.

Story of the label in brief

As a provider of elegant and playful designs of clothes and accessories for children, Piccola Ludo was founded by the mother herself who has two daughters serving as her main source of inspiration. As a result, she decided to create original designs of clothes for special occasions embellished with numerous elements of decoration to let young girls look great at any important events in their lives. Her designs and styles of clothes have not only become popular but also brought incredible success to the company itself.

Every collection is handcrafted in Italy, which proves the quality of each piece of clothing made of natural and hypoallergenic materials like organic cotton and silk among lots of others. All of the ready-made clothes for young girls are stylish, trendy, and practical. All this contributes to the label’s growth and development.

Main goals of Piccola Ludo’s team of designers

The key goal of the brand is to create the kids’ clothes distinguished by simplistic designs and sophisticated styles. The choice of fabrics for future products is based on the needs of little children. For this purpose, the label uses many natural materials that are pleasant to the touch and at the same time durable and easy to clean. Many of the label’s clothes are handcrafted by talented artisans as part of the company’s team of developers.

The elements of decoration include many trendy and vintage-inspired embellishments like bows, embroideries, and flowers among others. Every collection of the label also contains an exclusive line of chic accessories, both elegant and sophisticated. In addition, Piccola Ludo offers many beautiful pieces of clothing for summer season like bright and colorful sweamwear, summer sandals, and different hair accessories such as hairbands.

Main advantages of buying Piccola Ludo’s clothes

The rich and successful history of the label’s development in the fashion industy helped the brand to acquire the loyalty of numerous customers globally. Their collections comprise many exemplary samples of kids’ clothes distinguished by multiple advantages such as:

  • The luxurious design of all outfits;
  • The impeccable style of every garment;
  • Exceptional quality as the key priority of the label
  • Practicality of each piece of clothing for young boys and girls
  • Durable construction explained by the use of top-notch fabrics;
  • Sophisticated embellishments of girls’ clothes for special occasions, etc.

For such a famous fashion house that has a great experience in the development and manufacturing of kids’ clothes, it is of great priority to produce clothes with only exemplary characteristics contributing to the label’s popularity on the fashion market.

Moreover, getting clothes with so many benefits, from great style to splendid quality, is always a pleasant purchase.

Products on offer: Best-selling samples and their main features

Some of the most admirable samples of clothes include the items of girls’ wear and accessories. Every detail in each type of clothing adds much charm to the look of little girls. Creating a great image has become much easier together with Piccola Ludo’s collections. Among the best offerings for kids are the next exclusive options:

  • Yellow summer dress for girls

This is a vividly colored item from Piccola Ludo made in light cotton material. To add more comfort to this piece, its cuffs and waistline are elasticated. It also has a removable sash belt to regulate the size. The knee length is just enough to feel no discomfort wherever you go. The garment is manufactured in Italy as a guarantee of top quality in every detail.

  • Straw hat with daisy lace trims

This accessory is a must-have for summertime. It is available in beige color and is added with lovely yellow and white daisy trims. It is a perfect option for hot and sunny days as it has a large rim and looks really stylish.

  • Straw bag for young girls

This is also an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe. It comes in beige color and is handmade in Italy just like other things from this developer.

  • Pretty blue blouse for girls

This is a lovely cotton blouse from Piccola Ludo made in light cotton fabric. It is embellished with ruffles and handmade embroidery in the form of colorful daisies.

The label has lots of other great options to choose from. From classic white T-shirts to lovely cotton dresses and swimwear, Piccola Ludo’s collections have everything a young girl needs to look stylish in all situations. All garments are available at a fair price being affordable for the vast majority of customers in different areas of the globe.

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