Being founded in Portugal around 40 years previously, the Piccola Speranza brand is a successful provider of luxurious kids’ clothes manufactured from the top-quality fabrics and designed to meet the preferences of kids and parents alike.

The company creates its goods with much love and dedication to the chosen field of activity. Their clothes are intended for girls and boys aged from 0 months to 3 years. Piccola Speranza belongs to the category of an affordable yet luxury designer brand headquartered in Portugal where the entire production process takes place.

Piccola Speranza label was launched by a successful entrepreneur being part of the kids’ fashion industry for several decades. With much dedication to the world of fashion, he continues to create beautifully designed clothes for little princesses.

Story of Piccola Speranza in brief

As a world-known designer trademark, Piccola Speranza was launched not so long ago, back in 2015. Having a wide experience and great passion for the creation of clothes and accessories for babies and older chilren, the label has lots of fabulous products to offer to young fashionistas. The brand quickly evolves and continues to expand its variety of goods for kids of different ages.

The label’s kids’ fashion lines are usually divided into several categories including:

  • Casual wear collections consisting of outfits for every day;
  • Casual chic collections having many beautiful and stylish clothes for girls and boys;
  • Ceremony clothes for special occasions in the lives of kids to make the happy memories last for longer.

Nowadays, Piccola Speranza clothes are distributed all over the globe including the European states, the USA, Australia and lots of others. The brand has always been dedicated to excellence in everything they develop, while the quality of every product has been tested in line with the latest international standards.

Collections of baby and kids clothes: What do they contain?

The label keeps replenishing its lines of clothes with many playful and fun styles to please the tastes of the growing number of customers. The casual clothes from this developer include practical things for daily use providing comfort to children and letting them explore the surrounding world with no inconveniences. Such clothes give maximum freedom of movement to little kids and are durable enough to ensure continuous use with minimum risk of easy wear and tear.

The fresh collections of kids’ garments also comprise many sophisticated outfits for young ladies. Such clothes are ideal for different important events, like visiting relatives and grandparents, getting ready for the first photo shoots, celebrating birthdays and other holidays.

Such clothes look especially great if combined with different gorgeous accessories to make the outfits complete. This line of goods is specially developed to keep the memories about the happy moments from childhood for many years to come.

The collections of Piccola Speranza are for those kids who prefer creating stylish images themselves. Every new collection of the label has many amusingly designed clothes and matching accessories to choose from. With such a splendid variety of different ready to wear clothes, children can find everyhing they need in one place. The designs and styles vary from one model to the other to suit the tastes and preferences of young boys and girls. For these and other reasons, Piccola Speranza brand has become the favorite trademark for many trendy kids all over the world.

Gorgeous collection of boys’ and girls’ wear for school and formal events

This selection of goods contains many must-haves for young girls and boys. Such clothes should be in the wardrobe of every child.

Best samples of formal clothes for kids include:

#1 Girl’s shorts and blouse set with a checkered pattern

This is a beautifully designed item of girl’s clothes for formal events. It is specially designed for wearing during wintertime and has the next features:

  • The blouse is pure white, while the shorts are made in navy blue color and have a checkered pattern;
  • To make the set suitable for different sizes, the waist of shorts can be regulated with ease;
  • It also has a concealed zip lock, jewelled buttons, and a soft lining.
  • To make it look dressy, the set is embellished with ruffles around the neckline and sleeves.

#2 Pleated wool dress

This beautiful yet classic dress is made of soft wool and comes in navy blue color. As for extra features, some of them include:

  • Classic pleated bottom and puffed sleeves;
  • Jewelled bow that can be removed;
  • Hidden zip lock on the reverse side of the garment, etc.

This item is also suitable for cold seasons as it is made of top-quality wool and a blend of other materials.

#3 Tartan bow trainers

This sample of footwear is also an ideal option for various formal events. They are characterized by the next exemplary features:

  • A durable strap fastening for comfortable fit;
  • The soft leather upper;
  • A jewelled bow to make them look dressy;
  • Rubber soles and padded leather inner

It is also easy to clean this type of footwear as you can simply wipe it clean.

Other types of clothes for babies, kids, and adolescents from Piccola Speranza

These include numerous exclusively designed clothes and accessories for the very little ones and older girls and boys. Some of the most prominent of them include:

  • Pastel colored dresses made of the organic cotton for baby girls;
  • White chiffon dress with a yellow and blue floral print and other types of dresses of similar designs and styles;
  • Girls’ accessories like pretty hairbands;
  • Pale blue and pink nests for little boys and girls with zip and popper fastenings;
  • Blouse and shorts sets for girls which may have different bright prints like floral ones;
  • Boys’ shorts and polo shirt sets;
  • Beautifully embroidered babygrows made of stretchy cotton material;
  • Light blue and pink bibs for baby boys and girls made of soft and padded fabrics.

The prices on these and other goods are never too high and quite affordable to make them suitable for all customers.

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