As an experienced and highly successful Polish brand, Pilguni specializes on the development of different types of clothes that mainly include the high-quality outerwear produced to withstand any weather conditions. Every garment for children has a highly practical design due to the use of durable and functional zip fastenings and innovative materials.

Having a rich history of development and growth, the Pilguni Company creates fashionable, stylish and warm clothes for not just little kids, but also their parents combining fashion and practicality in the variety of exclusive designs.

All clothes are developed and manufactured in Poland, where the company itself is headquartered. The label also uses numerous embellishments and handmade elements of decoration to guarantee the uniqueness of every piece of clothing.

The history of the brand in greater detail

Pilguni is an exclusive Polish label that uses authentic Italian fabrics and raw materials that are all of the highest quality. The idea to create trendy, stylish and comfortable outerwear for children arose from Pilguni’s founder’s interest in this segment of fashion in line with the growing demands of customers.

The label was founded over 20 years ago by a professional designer of kids’ clothes. At first, he used to produce exclusive collections of baby clothes. After some time, this idea grew into the production of elite outer clothes for newborn babies and children of school age. Each model of kids’ clothes by Pilguni is created with love and care in mind.

The team of developers employed by Pilguni is inspired by the traditions and cultures of other nations and modern-day trends in fashion. They also place much emphasis on the comfort of each piece of clothing for young children to feel cozy and warm in any weather conditions. In addition, the label’s manufacturers pay special attention to each stage of the production process to guarantee impeccable quality of every garment.

Selection of materials for the creation of kids’ outerwear

The brand is always trying to guarantee exceptional quality and authenticity of every piece of clothing. To ensure that this goal is achieved, the label pays much attention not only to the craftstmanship of products, but also to the choice of materials and fabrics.

As a rule, the company prefers choosing innovative fabrics with excellent protection properties like:

  • Great protection from windy and nasty weather;
  • Water-repellant and scratch-resistant properties to ensure protection from rain and snow;
  • Protection from low temperatures;
  • Hypoallergenic materials causing no harm to kids’ health;
  • Practicality to guarantee that all the dirt can be cleaned with ease;
  • Durability to make sure that the clothes will serve their owners for longer.

Among others, the fabrics used by the label do not lose its color even in sunny weather and even after multiple laundries. The zip fastenings used by the label are also chosen with much attention to their quality simply because an ideal model of outdoor clothes for kids should be perfect in every tiny detail. Finally, the label also uses the top-quality natural and faux fur in the designs of clothes for kids.

Types of clothes offered by Pilguni and their benefits

The brand has much to offer even to the newborn babies, let alone older kids. Even the very little ones will never feel cold in the outdoor clothes from Pilguni such as snowsuits and many others. Buyers can choose the needed models of clothes for any type of weather and season like:

  • Fall and spring (for temperatures from -10 to +10);
  • Warm winter (for temperatures from +5 to -15);
  • Cold winter (up to -30).

Among the main benefits of the used materials is the opportunity to wash the outdoor clothes in the washing machine – this allows cleaning the chosen garments with ease and drying them quickly and with no problems.

The Pilguni label offers elite clothes for kids of any age. The main merits of their clothes for children include:

  • Comfortable fit;
  • Warmth and coziness;
  • Practicality and functionality;
  • Amazing designs;
  • Availability of all kids’ sizes.

This makes the outfits of the label a great choice for young mothers, for whom the above features are of great priority. The range of clothes for little kids includes many splendidly designed items like:

  • Bodysuits and 2-piece sets for baby boys and girls;
  • Excellent-quality nests for the very little ones;
  • Jackets and coats for older kids;
  • Different accessories like hats and other essentials for children.

As a premium designer brand, Pilguni proves that winter clothes can be stylish and comfortable all at once.

Style, fashion and comfort as the top priorities of Pilguni

The label is trying to instill a good taste in fashion in every little child starting from birth. To achieve this goal, the company cooperates with many famous European designers and qualified craftsmen. This helps to create the kids’ collections in line with the latest fashion tendencies. The individual style of the Pilguni label is reflected in the unique and incomparable color combinations, decorative elements, well-thought designs and elegant silhouettes. Such embellishments as Swarovski crystals, handmade embroidery and other elements of décor emphasize the sophisticated look of each garment for young ladies.

The use of innovative insulators like Isosoft and other materials like fleece add more comfort and make each garment comfortable and cozy. Besides, many types of outdoor clothes, for which the label is cherished by parents and youngsters alike, also have many convenient features like removable hoods, sturdy zip and popper fastenings, fleeced linings and others.

The prices for Pilguni goods are also quite reasonable and some of the kids’ clothes are also available at a discounted price. All this makes this trademark a highly popular choice in different regions of the globe.

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