As a long-famous European brand, Pretty Originals has been part of the kids’ fashion industry for many years. The company specializes in designing beautiful clothes for baby boys and girls to meet the requirements and expectations of parents residing in different parts of the world. The brand develops clothes for special occasions and everyday wear, such as stylish and lovely dresses, baby sets for such events as christening and others.

Every piece of clothing is embellished with beautiful handmade embroideries and has a traditional design with many classic features. The vast majority of garments from Pretty Originals often become the must-haves for many young mothers and fathers as they have many outstanding features of design and style, while their quality is undoubtedly great.

Story of the brand

As a currently world-famous brand, the designer label has been manufacturing originally designed childrens’ clothes and accessories since 1988.

Regardless of the approaching event, be it formal or leisure one, the label’s developers guarantee the uniqueness of every garment that will let the child reveal their individual style from the early years of life. Exclusive and elegant garments will make your kid stand out from the crowd and not look like anyone else.

The label chooses the high-quality fabrics for the creation of every outfit for special occasions. As a result, the collections of the label bristle with numerous new styles of dressy clothes that come in a variety of different colors and color combinations and have different prints and patterns for an outstanding look at any important event in the life of kids.

Many clothes from the brand’s collections are beautifully decorated with masterfully made embroideries and loads of other exemplary elements of décor. The company believes that customer satisfaction should be the topmost priority of every trusted designer brand. To achieve this goal, the label’s team of designers comprises only talented employees who have good knowledge on the needs and preferences of kids, and a wide experience in the creation of outstanding collections of girls’ and boys’ wear.

Key features and characteristics of boy’s and girl’s clothes by Pretty Originals

  • The use of carefully chosen materials of the best quality like organic cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex and others;
  • Different elements of design which may vary from one garment to the other;
  • Adorable embellishments including frills, laces, embroideris and bows among others;
  • High-quality and long-lasting fastenings like buttons and zip locks;
  • Perfect designs and exclusive styles to let young girls look adorable regardless of the approaching event;
  • The European quality of each and every piece of clothing in the collections of the label.

Best offerings from Pretty Originals loved by parents and kids globally

Every new collection of the brand contains many exquisite pieces of clothes for special events and daily use. Some of the most spectacular options loved by young kids and their parents include the next fascinating items:

  • Blouse and shorts sets for little girls

This item from Pretty Originals is specially designed for little girls. It comes with a matching hair accessory. This is a two-piece set consisting of a white blouse decorated with embroidery and laces, and floral shorts fastened with buttons. The shorts come in pink and green colors and look really dressy and lovely.

  • Cozy cotton socks with pom-poms for little girls

This accessory comes in a variety of bright and classic colors like navy blue, red, beige and lots of others. The socks from Pretty Originals are made of soft and stretchy cotton fabric and have a knitted pattern and pom-poms as an extra embellishment for a stylish and trendy look. They have a comfortable length not exceeding the knee line. The socks are also easy to keep clean as you can simply wash them with care without soaking to restore their original look. This type of accessory is manufactured in Europe as a guarantee of the finest quality and exclusive design.

  • The skirt and blouse set for baby girls

Baby girls’ set by Pretty Originals consists of a skirt and blouse and comes with a stretchy headband to make the girl’s look prettier. The white blouse has knickers attached to it, while the skirt is fastened with buttons for this 3-piece set to look accurately tucked in. The skirt has a blue, red and green print as well as an elastic waistline to make it suitable for different sizes. The fastening is between the legs and on the backside of the piece. It’s made of the lightweight cotton fabric for little girls to feel no discomfort.

  • Yellow, pink and white skirt set from Pretty Originals

Pretty Originals also has a beautiful and stylish skirt set made in a perfect mixture of bright colors. The set also comes with a matching hair accessory – a headband with a lovely design. The whole set is produced from light poplin, while the skirt also has straps that should be fastened on the back with buttons.

  • Classic shorts and shirt set for baby boys

The pure white shirt has an adorable pattern and button fastenings on the reverse side of the garment. The shorts are attached with buttons to make them look neat and tidy. The shorts are navy blue and have removable straps, while the waistline is elastic to make it more comfortable.

Pretty Originals also has many other traditionally designed and stylish clothes for baby boys and girs like pretty dresses for girls, soft and stretchy socks decorated with lovely frills, the dress and bloomers sets for girls and lots of classic yet fashionable garments for boys. To choose the variety of goods on offer, check out the label’s latest collections and you’ll definitely find something unique for your child.

Pretty Originals has been dedicated to creating original children’s clothing since the year 1988. No matter what occasion you are getting ready for, be it formal, birthday party or entertaining event, the designers of the brand guarantee that you will find something unique and exclusive in their collections of kids’ wear for your child to stand out from the crowd and not look like anyone else. The brand carefully chooses fabrics for the production of fascinating outfits available in a diverse variety of color combinations and using fine embroidering techniques to ensure a perfect look of your child at any event. The brand is trying to ensure that all outfits for children are of supreme quality. This is due to the fact that the brand’s experts pay much attention to the details while designing clothes for children. That is why they choose only softest and finest materials to make sure that they are comfortable and delicate against the skin of a child. This guarantees maximum comfort to every little kid wearing clothes by Pretty Originals. This also is an indication that your child will not experience any inconveniences while playing games and during various entertaining activities. The materials chosen for the production of kids’ wear do not cause any allergies and are perfectly safe for the health of little children. This ensures superb quality of ready-made clothes produced by the trademark.

Pretty Originals has enjoyed a position of a leading producer of kids’ wear not only in the local market, but also internationally. It believes that children’s clothing should be as comfortable and convenient as possible to ensure maximum freedom of movement and not to restrict the daily activities of children all of whom enjoy energetic and active games. Pretty Originals follows a principle of delivering only superb-quality clothes that are also trendy and extremely fashionable creating a perfect look of every little boy and girl. The brand has experienced steady growth for the past decades and today, the products of the trademark can be found not only in luxury boutiques, but also in leading online stores that provide children’s wear for a reduced price. The brand’s designers lay emphasis on fascinating embroidery added with distinct color combinations and truly special design that is distinguished by various decorative elements to ensure that every child wearing their clothes looks trendy and fashionable. The collections of the brand include such items of kids’ wear as polo shirts, knitwear, collared shirts and handcrafted dresses that are all available for a highly reasonable price.

Pretty Originals designers are trying to make sure that their creations are fascinating and innovative to provide kids with only top-quality clothes embellished with beautiful and intricate embroidered patterns and various other decorative elements. The clothes by Pretty Originals represent a nice addition to every child’s wardrobe and will be a perfect gift for your child who naturally wants to look special and incomparably beautiful at any event. Pretty Originals cares about what children wear on a daily basis and creates a really splendid variety of kids’ wear suitable for wearing on different occasions and as a part of casual wear. The brand ensures that every kid looks great and feels comfortable at the same time wearing the clothes provided by a team of leading fashion designers. The designers of Pretty Originals have a wide experience in creating clothes for little children to make them look their best and experience no discomfort whatsoever. The brand remains a leading trademark in terms of design, style and quality of fabrics. Check out the fascinating collection of children’s wear offered by Pretty Originals and you will definitely find a number of fashionable items of clothes that will perfectly suit your child’s taste in fashion and your own preferences.

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