As a high-profile Portuguese label, the brand’s collections are created with love and passion for childhood, which translates into the finest-quality clothes of ageless style. The team of designers employed by the company pays special attention to every detail. This is ensured by the use of tender colors and quality materials as well as other aspects of production.

Story of Purete du Bebe and its way to success

The label started its activity from the production of the best-quality baby clothes and later turned to the development of exclusive garments for older kids as well. The label was founded by the Portuguese company – Madicor, SA. The parent company has been part of the fashion industry for over 30 years, while the trademark itself was established only in 2011. This is where the story of Purete du Bebe has started.

Just like previously, the mission of the label remains the same – to ensure that every piece of clothing meets the highest norms of quality and comfort, which are some of the major features most valued by parents. However, to meet the needs and preferences of all customers, the kids’ wear should also suit one’s personal tastes. This aspect is also taken into account by Purete du Bebe along with numerous other issues that should be considered throughout the process of production. This includes:

  • Attentiveness to every element of design;
  • The use of unique embellishments to make the clothes look dressy and stylish;
  • Careful choice of fabrics and other materials for the development of kids’ and baby wear;
  • Durability of every item of clothing and the respective details like fastenings and others;
  • Functional and practical design to guarantee comfort and the ease of use;
  • Monitoring the needs of young kids and their parents to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Most importantly, the label’s products help to reveal the personal taste and style in fashion starting from childhood – this will help to instill good taste in fashion from the early age.

Thanks to the masterful craftsmanship of the talented group of designers employed by Purete du Bebe, the label has achieved immense popularity with customers residing not only in Europe but all across the globe.

Why it’s worth buying the kids’ branded clothes from Purete du Bebe

All mothers and fathers experience many pleasant and happy moments during parenthood. One of the most important questions that arise during the early years of motherhood is the problem of choosing clothes for their babies. That’s because the skin of babies is tender and soft being sensitive to all sorts of allergies and irritations.

Surely, every parent is trying to find the most comfortable and safe clothes for their babies. Every parent is always looking for the best types of clothes for their little ones. This is exactly when the Purete du Bebe label comes into play as this label has everything a child needs. Начало формы

In the collections of Purete du Bebe, every parent can find both safe, comfortable and cozy clothes and accessories for newborn babies and kids aged up to 2 years. The dedication to excellence in every detail of design and each stage of the production process allows the label to develop high-quality clothes for kids.

There are many features that make the clothes of Purete du Bebe a must-have addition to the wardrobe of every little child including:

  • The use of soft and all-natural materials;
  • Pleasant pastel colors;
  • Well-thought design;
  • Comfort and coziness of every item;
  • Practicality and functionality.

For this and other reasons, the kids’ clothes developed by the brand often become a number-one choice for parents living in different parts of the globe.

Best offerings for baby girls and boys by Purete du Bebe

Purete du Bebe offers many exclusive garments for newborn babies such as the next exclusively designed items:

  • Baby shorts made of blue denim fabric

These extra soft denim shorts look perfect when combined with a comfortable top from the same developer. This item is ideal for kids to feel great when it is warm outside. The shorts are made of 100% natural fabric causing no inconveniences to baby boys. The design will also suit the tastes and expectations of any young mother.

  • Kids’ shirt with a striped design

This piece of clothing looks cute and belongs to the new collection of the label. The trendy linen and striped cotton shirt for little kids are perfect for spring and summer as they are light and very comfortable.

  • Purete du Bebe bloomers with a blue striped pattern

This pretty all-in-one piece of clothing will let the baby girls look fashionable and feel comfortable throughout the summertime. Just like the rest of clothes in this series, this item of girls’ wear is also made from the all-natural cotton fabric.

  • Gorgeous gift set for little boys and girls

This is a four-piece set consisting of a bodysuit, hat, and mittens. It is made of soft and elastic cotton blend. The top is embellished with beautiful laces, while the bottom part has an elastic waistline for a more comfortable fit. The set also consists of a matching pair of mittens and an adorable hat to make the outfit complete.

This is a perfect souvenir for young parents and their little babies. The gift set comes in a beautifully decorated package being suitable for both boys and girls. Its quality leaves no doubts simply because it is manufactured in Europe as the best guarantee of excellent design, durability, and quality in every detail.

  • Ivory-colored cotton hat for baby girls

Purete du Bebe also offers many luxurious accessories – one of them is a beautiful hat for little girls made of the softest cotton fabric. There is a fixed bow with a colorful floral print. This item can also serve as a great gift for the very little ones.

The quality of these and other products of the label is as good as ever, whereas the prices are always reasonable.

Purete Du… Bebe is an exciting fashion brand that produces trendy and dressy outfits for babies made of the most delicate fabrics and available in a variety of colors. The colors used in the production of baby wear range from pink to delicate shade of blue. You may also find a beautiful range of clothes embellished with floral prints that make every creation of the brand timeless and memorable. Every piece of clothing is produced with much attention to detail and careful choice of fabrics. The materials chosen for the creation of baby wear include delicate and soft cotton as well as some other organic fabrics that ensure maximum comfort and durability of clothing for babies. Purete Du… Bebe continues to evolve and change presenting more and more baby goods to please parents and their children with delicate items of baby wear providing extreme coziness to the little ones. The products of the brand include bodysuits, rompers, dresses and various sets that are comprised of matching clothes and accessories to ensure a perfect look of your baby and extreme comfort. Purete Du… Bebe is a promising trademark in today’s fashion market. Although it is not known much about the history of the brand, the trademark continues to meet the requirements and preferences of parents in terms of quality and durability.

Purete Du… Bebe for Parents Who Like Quality

Every piece of clothing produced by Purete Du… Bebe is distinguished by the impeccable quality of fabrics ensuring maximum comfort of little babies during the day and at nighttime. The brand’s goods are oriented on the very little ones who especially need to be taken care of day and night. That is why the brand is trying to ensure that its products do not only feature beautiful design, but are also of the highest quality. The quality of fabrics is thoroughly monitored to ensure that they meet all standards and norms existing in today’s kids’ fashion market. At the same time, close attention to details guarantees the impeccable design of every piece of clothing. This ensures that your child will not only feel comfortable, but also look the best during various daily activities. Purete Du… Bebe designers make sure that your babies does not experience any inconveniences while exploring the world around. Your kid is likely to make a great many of new discoveries with much ease if he/she wears comfortable clothing and footwear. The brand produces not only clothes for babies, but also a whole abundance of accessories that will make your child look even prettier.

The brand continues to enjoy immense success in today’s market of kids’ fashion although it is still developing. Yet, it has already managed to grow into a promising trademark in terms of quality of clothes and their functional design. Every piece of clothing is specially designed for baby and kid comfort. The clothes by Purete Du… Bebe are easy to take care of as most of them are machine-washable. This makes the brand’s goods not only stylish but also practical. Every child will adore wearing the clothes and accessories offered by Purete Du… Bebe as they are comfortable and feature a classic design. At the same time, the brand’s designers are trying to implement innovative technologies into the process of production to ensure that every product meets the strictest requirements of quality. You will be absolutely pleased with the range of baby goods offered by Purete Du… Bebe as they are characterized by functionality, durability and extremely fashionable style. Check out the collections of baby wear offered by the brand to find some splendid additions to your child’s wardrobe and you will be delighted to seem him/her smile happily day after day.

Purete Du… Bebe for 0 – 18 Months Babies

For the smallest babies Purete Du… Bebe offers whole range of clothes and accessories. Starting from bibs, hats and blankets designers try to provide style and comfort even in the minor details. There are also baby sets in the new collections available, that may include changing bag, changing mat, small pre-walker booties and scratch mittens. All accessories, including branded changing bag, are machine wash possible, that makes products care a very easy process. The hats may be in different shapes and materials: lightweight cotton hats, bonnets, knitted bonnets for colder seasons.

Baby clothing for 0 -18 months babies by Purete Du… Bebe can be:

  • shorties
  • babygrows
  • 2 or 3 piece outfits
  • dresses
  • shorts sets (with the polo t-shirts & shorts or classic shirt & shorts with the attached bracers)
  • various bathrobes & pajamas are also available in our online boutique

Purete Du… Bebe for Boys and Girls

Purete Du… Bebe has clothing and accessories collections for elder kids also, up to 3 years old. Cotton and linen are fabourite designer’s materials, so most of the boys and girls clothes are made in these natural fabrics. We highly recommend to use only natural materials in kids wardrobe, because child skin can breeze and you can avoid some allergies and irritations.

There are many cute dresses, shorts & shorties in the collection for boys and girls. Purete Du… Bebe like to use flowers prints, neutral, washed colors for kids collections. It makes all kids and babywear by Purete Du… Bebe looks very romantic and classics.

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