RACHEL RILEY is a fashionable English brand that was created by a famous designer Rachel Riley. The line is known for making remarkable clothes both for girls and boys aged from 0 months and up to 14 years. The main feature of the brand is combining traditional styles of clothing with unusual and trendy patterns. The creative designer believes that it will make a stunning look of a child. Dresses with sweets and heart prints, baby grows with princess and crown images are beautifully embroidered with special elements, such as cute frills, smart collars, silky ribbon bows and ruffles. Each young girl adores looking as a real stylish lady. RACHEL RILEY represents a nice collection of leather footwear, which will suit to any outfit. And a lovely bag can be a good additional item to match the look. The manufacturers also pay attention to the quality of their products. It is very important to provide kids with comfort and care. The brand guarantees to parents high quality items. 100% cotton, wool, silk, leather and other natural fabrics are used in tailoring RACHEL RILEY clothing. The line is already popular in many countries of Europe and the United States. Today it is possible to purchase the products of RACHEL RILEY online.

Rachel Riley for Babies

Once you find out that you are expecting a baby you start thinking about many new things. Among them are your health, baby health, what is better to eat, what is better to wear etc. There are so many questions and so lack of answers. Sure, we are not doctors here and we can not answer all your questions about health, but we know everything about kids and baby clothing. Some times child clothes and child health condition are interconnected.

First of all it is worth to mention that natural breeze materials are preferable for any baby or kid. Baby skin is not really good thermoregulated and our task is to help him/her to adapt to this new world. Rachel Riley knows about this fact and offer many baby clothes and accessories made with best natural cotton, so thin and soft that it will never irritate gentle baby skin.

So, what exactly Rachel Riley offers for babies from 0 month to 18 months?

First thing every baby need is a blanket. It is better to have a few of them, so you can easily change it if something goes wrong. Today you can buy baby blankets by Rachel Riley in ivory white colors with pink Princess crowns prints for girls or blue Prince crowns prints for boys or neutral blanket with Pram prints, that is good both for baby boys and baby girls. Baby blanket by Rachel Riley may become a good gift idea for baby birthday or baby shower.

Now its time to talk about baby wear. Rachel Riley offers baby grows, babysuits,  (also babysuit sets are available), bodysuit, bodyvest, shorties, dungarees, 2 piece outfits (with pants, shirts or t-shirts). For little baby girls, you can buy dresses or dress sets (with shorts, for more comfortable wear). These dresses can be just cute and nice for everyday baby wear or luxury and gorgeous for special occasions in baby life.

For autumn winter seasons you can buy baby knitted and cotton cardigans, wool or velvet coats, all designed for boys and girls.

Rachel Riley for Boys

Rachel Riley is one of that brands that offer clothing both for boys and for girls. We want to make a brief description of what you can by for your boys from new collection.

  • shorts & trousers by Rachel Riley are usually made in cotton, jeans, corduroy materials. For spring and summer seasons they can be beige, white, light blue, for colder seasons you can buy navy blue, black shorts and trousers. Please, note that the style can be like sports for everyday use but also classic.
  • shirts and t-shirts usually have funny and nice prints. Like short sleeve shirt with racing cars, giraffes, pinaples, Queen’s guards, crowns, sailor style etc. Usually short sleeve shirts and t-shirts are made in soft breathable cotton, so good for gentle kid skin. Long shirts can be in cotton material too, but more ofter Rachel Riley uses flannel for this kind of clothing. For colder seasons designer uses “colder” prints, for example lovely penguins print.
  • suits, sets, outfits by Rachel Riley for boys especially designed to make parents life easier. There is no need to buy clothing from separate collections and mix them (some times unsuccessfully). Now you can buy already matching set of shorties + shirt or shorties + t-shirt, or dungaree + shirt, or pants + classic shirt etc. There are many variants, many styles and colors, so you can choose the best one for your needs.
  • coats & jackets are presented by wool blend coat or velvet coat.
  • Rachel Riley offers pajamas also, so you can buy cool pajama with crowns or Queen’s guards for your boy. Made in 100% lightweight, satin-feel cotton material this pyjama will be one of the favourite in boys wardrobe.

Rachel Riley for Girls

First of all Rachel Riley is famous for its girls dresses. Every season you can find in our online boutique about at least 50 different models of girls dresses. Colors, materials and styles can be different, but the only thing always stays the same – the highest quality. For summer dresses Rachel Riley offers sleeveless or short sleeve dresses, for winter you can buy warm long sleeve dresses (cotton or flannel). Colors and prints variants just amaze: fruits print, strawberry print, sailor style, hearts print, flamingo print, navy strips print, bow pattern, swan pattern, icecream pattern, sailboat print, various floral patterns, owl print, fairy pattern, mushrooms pattern, crowns print, classic storks and prams prints (like from 50’s). For the warm dresses with long sleeves Rachel Riley offers penguin prints, floral, owl, mushroom, fairy patterns, there are also dresses in red and blue tartan. As you can see there are so many variants that you will buy something new for your little girl for sure.

Among other girls summer wear you can buy swimsuits by Rachel Riley. Bright and gorgeous, your little princess will fall in love with these swimsuits. Made in 100% polyester (lightweight, silky & stretchy) the swimsuits will look great even after many days of use. Ruffles and bright prints (like lemons, oranges, sailor boats) make these girls swimsuits an ideal must have in every beach wardrobe.

For colder seasons Rachel Riley proposes girls coats and bonnets hats.

In the nightwear collection, you can find pyjamas in gentle ivory and white colors.

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