As a credible provider of super soft and very amusing toys for little babies and older kids, the Raindow Designs brand has become popular due to a great collection of classically designed and top-quality products for all tastes and demands. The label also offers many beautifully wrapped gift sets to let customers choose the most suitable ones to meet their needs and preferences. Presenting such gifts to your relatives or your own kids is always a great idea and a perfect way to make the close ones happy.

A wide variety of different sources of amusement designed by the Rainbow Designs label consists of not just soft and plush toys, but also those depicting the all-favorite characters. All of their collections are filled with many adorable sources of kids and baby entertainment depicting beloved characters from famous classic kids’ books. The toys of the trademark are safe for the little babies’ skin causing no irritation or any other unwanted consequences.

Philosophy and mission of the Rainbow Design label

This trademark is a customized gift label that creates a delightful collection of personalized gifts according to the needs and expectations of grownups and their little ones. Customers have an opportunity to choose such services as the attachment of beautiful stickers with the name of a child on them or the choice of a slogan to make the gift unique and memorable. These and other services are provided with no additional cost. In this way, clients can add their personal touch to absolutely any product they want to buy for their kids.

It can, therefore, be assumed that the main philosophy of the label is:

  • To offer love and care to little kids through the provision of excellent-quality toys for all tastes;
  • To guarantee top quality of every kids’ toy;
  • To make sure the customers can personalize their purchases;
  • To offer toys made in all sorts of styles and designs.

As a result, the label has developed a really fantastic selection of toys to ensure that customers are satisfied with their range of goods to full extent. Their toys are characterized not only by the dreamlike designs but also by 100% safety for kids of absolutely any age.

All collections of Rainbow Designs are marked by the astounding variety of goods distinguished by many attractive properties. Although not much is known about the history of the label, it has quickly become widely popular all over the globe especially due to their dedication to excellence in everything they do. In this way, there will be no unpleasant surprises if you choose to buy the toys of the label – here both quality and design are impeccable.

Besides, the label also offers its products in beautiful wrappings and packages that are both stylish and pretty. The kids’ branded toys from this developer are developed for children of any age and gender – for little babies and older boys and girls. Original design of every toy on offer is yet another reason why the kids’ souvenirs from this label are getting more and more popular with parents globally.

Products of the label: Features and characteristics

The company’s own production process is conducted with the close monitoring of all stages with the view to meet the European requirements to safety, eco-friendliness, quality of materials and good tailoring. All this is meant to guarantee impeccable quality and characteristics of each toy to make sure that both kids and their parents are satisfied with what they get. Exactly for this reason, the toys and gifts from the label’s collections often become the favorites both in the European states and globally.

Some of the most desirable toys of the label include the next fantastic items:

  • Soft elephant toy for boys and girls

This is a vividly colored Elmer soft toy for little children. It is produced from plush fabric that is pleasant to the touch and very soft. One of its unique properties is that it can stand without support, while its design is simply impeccable.

The price for this toy is also highly affordable. Due to the safety of fabrics it is made of, the toy is suitable for any age. Just like the rest of goods on offer, this toy was certified in line with the latest European norms.

  • Charming rattle gift set for babies

This is an admirable gift set comprising a rattle toy and a doudou. Both of them are produced from the soft velour material and are also added with a few amazing handmade embroidered details. Due to the safety of fabrics the toys are made of, the gift set is suitable for babies from birth. It is also easy to keep it clean as it is machine washable so doing laundry won’t require too much time or effort. This set of baby toys is sold in a beautiful box so that you can present it as a souvenir to anyone you love.

Other amazing products for baby girls and boys

These are only a few goods offered by the label. In fact, their fantastic collections of exceptional toys for babies and kids consist of many other superb options to meet the needs of younger and older clients. These include:

  • Caterpillar rattler as an iconic product of the company;
  • Baby comforter consisting of doudou and teether;
  • Blue and white Miffy toy;
  • Flopsy bunny jiggle toy of amazing design and characteristics;
  • Plush toys made in tender colors.

The selection of goods from the brand is really diverse and plentiful consisting of many splendid items for babies of any age and gender. Most of the toys are suitable for kids starting from birth. The gift sets are also available in abundance, while the prices on the toys from Rainbow Designs are always reasonable and affordable to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction as one of the major priorities of the brand.

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