Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) the famous American designer, whose unique style is recognized worldwide.

In the company of Ralph Lauren no own production. It works on the principle of cooperation with more than 350 manufacturers. For example, the company “Luxottica” produces personalized sunglasses “Ralph Lauren” and the company “Richemont Group” – branded watches.

A symbol of the Polo player. The brand has become a logo.

Already in 1969, Ralph Lauren opened in New York Department store Bloomingdale’s is a great men’s Department. Ralph knew that all the people need a change of style and appearance, but don’t know how to do it. He felt that to do it he can.

In the 70-ies has launched a line of perfumes and accessories line. Ralph Lauren began to produce sport t-shirts in 24 colors.

1974 was launched sports line “CHAPS by Ralph”, and a collection of men’s and women’s spectacles “Ralf”.

Today, the company Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation produces clothing, underwear, accessories, perfumes, textiles, furniture, tableware, Wallpaper, and sweets, and even pet products. The designer is a member of several animal protection organizations, and collections, real fur does not use.

Brand: Ralph Lauren, Rugby, RL Childrenswear, Polo Jeans Co., RRL, RLX, Club Monaco, Chaps, Blue Label, Purple Label, Lauren, Ralph Lauren Home and others.

The philosophy of the brand, won the world many years ago, today continues winning streak. This philosophy is eternal – stay true to your ideals, to be independent of fashion, which should correspond to the true style.


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