Italian brand Red Valentino is a new brand of world-renowned designer Valentino, who has decided to issue a separate line of democratic women’s clothing. From the main great master collection, RED Valentino has a more affordable price and feminine, delicate style. According to the famous couturier, his goal was to create a new brand in the face of some romantic tale in which organically combines classic and fresh look at contemporary fashion. “RED” is an acronym meaning “Romantic, Eccentric Dressing.”, which translates as “romantic and eccentric dress.” In other words, Red Valentino line – is a fairy tale with a modern twist. Clothing brand created with lovely hints of mischief – it can be as moving bows and delicate drawings of daisies. Collections are designed for young ladies, but adults’ lady loving experiments has also become admirers Red Valentino. RED Valentino Style allows you to mix different eras and create bold images, emphasizing the original accessories.

Clothesline from the brand Red Valentino directed, first of all, the fact that the girl naked and give moderate daring, but, at the same time, elegantly emphasize its purity and innocence. Even if the outfit shows the “dark side”, its owner still looks timid, vulnerable and romantic. Signor Valentino was able to organically combine the ultra-modern and traditional classics, highlighting the beneficial girlish sensuality.

And a subtle sense of style of the famous maestro did not disappoint – new outfits gave the girls fairy story in which they were princesses. Many people think that Red – this is the color red, so beloved lord Valentino. However, as mentioned above, this abbreviation has a definite meaning, which became the basis of the line Red Valentino.

The style of the new masterpiece RED Valentino can be described short and capacious phrase: simple luxury. A new line of products be it dresses pants or skirt, different simple and straightforward cut, but at the same time, look expensive and noble. For their creations, the famous designer uses light fabrics, which problem – beautifully emphasize the curves of the figure. Simplicity models are compensated by a variety of decorative elements: flowers, embroidery, ornaments, collar, and frill – all that can mitigate the severity of the image. Do not forget about Signor Valentino brand chip, periodically releasing product red color of various shades. The new brand RED Valentino – it’s vintage nostalgia combined with today’s modernity, so this line of dress you can feel as a business woman and a medieval princess. RED Valentino shows the world unfading beauty!


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Friday: 09:00 – 23:00h

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