Kids’ clothes by Cavalli embody perfect design and style patterns that are reflected in gorgeous clothes for infants and older kids. Cavalli’s prints and logotype have long become recognizable all over the globe. The signature theme of Roberto Cavalli is the wild life embodied in animal and plant prints which make all of his creations for children adorable and incomparably stylish.

However, that’s not all you can find in the collections of this world-famous brand as there are also simpler designs for those who prefer simplistic styles or monochrome items of clothing. In this respect, Cavalli also has much to offer to both adults and adolescents. T-shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets and other types of clothes are often made in neutral colors. In addition, the brand has a great selection of baby nursery goods such as changing bags and various baby accessories for future mothers.

From newborns to teenagers, collections of Cavalli have something for everyone. What’s more, the range of goods from this designer is constantly replenished with new inventions. What is also true is that all their products without exception are a perfect choice for those who are interested in fashion.

Cavalli’s story of success: When it all began

Roberto Cavalli is currently known all over the world as an Italian brand with great reputation in the fashion industry. The brand has gained immense popularity due to the unusual ornaments and prints that almost instantly became popular with customers of all ages. A thorough choice of only high-quality materials for the future creations is yet another reason behind the quick growth in the fame and popularity of this label.

The story of the trademark itself started back in the 1970s when a thirty-year old Roberto Cavalli established his first fashion store of ready-made clothes. The shop quickly became a favorite spot for many people interested in fashion. The reasons for this were numerous. To mention but a few, they included:

  • Cavalli’s original styles were hard to mix up with the designs of any other trademark which attracted more and more customers to his shop;
  • The scenes from wild nature and peculiar images on simple denim material were yet another reason not to miss out Cavalli’s new store;
  • Eye-catchy embellishments like the use of precious metals in some of the label’s creations could not leave anyone indifferent.

For these and other reasons, the new label became famous not only among usual customers but also luxury fashion houses like Pierre Cardin and others.

As a result of such an approach, the clothes by Cavalli became widely known not only in France but outside its borders too. Many of those who got acquainted with Cavalli’s goods admitted that the label had big prospects for future growth as it turned into a symbol of chic and luxury. Roberto Cavalli soon shared his business with his wife and together they replenished their lines of clothes with innovative styles and new categories of ready-made adults’ and kids’ wear.

Today, the clothes by Cavalli became more affordable while their stores can now be visited all over the globe.

Children’s wear by Cavalli: Main features and characteristics

Roberto Cavalli still remains one of the most reputable designers in the world of fashion. His kids’ line is just as attractive as the collection for adults. The main reason for this is simple – the brand knows all about how to create stylish and beautiful clothes for clients of any age. Cavalli’s outfits for younger generations are created with their dreams and wishes in mind regardless of their age. Young parents can find everything they need for their little darlings including gorgeous babygrows, sets for newborns, and a wide choice of useful accessories.

As for older kids, boys are offered fashionable denim wear, jackets, jumpers, trousers, T-shirts and more. Girls’ line includes loads of fabulous items like feminine dresses and skirts which make young ladies look elegant and stylish. These and other outfits are always of excellent quality and have a timeless design reflecting the main goal of the label – to develop a good taste in fashion from early years of life.

Cavalli’s bestselling items of kids’ wear

Among the most frequently purchased types of kids’ clothes by Cavalli are the next ones:

#1 Cotton jersey dress

It is usually made in pale pink color and produced from stretchy and pleasant material to guarantee comfort in any situation. The dress is fastened on the back while the fleecy lining makes it warm and pleasant to wear. Beautiful embellishments like ruffles and signature logo contribute to its popularity with little ladies.

#2 Sports trousers for boys

Boys are offered cotton sports trousers available in different colors. The all-favorite model is navy-blue trousers added with a stylish white and green logo. The trousers are soft and comfortable, while the elasticated waist makes them suitable for all sizes.

#3 A babygrow set for baby girls and boys

Cavalli’s babygrow set is yet another popular choice among young parents. It comes in ivory and blue colors and is designed for baby boys and girls. The set is produced from comfortable and stretchy cotton jersey fabric while the brand’s logotype can be found on the bodice. The babygrow has a collar and cozy soles for the tiny feet. The set also consists of a matching light blue hat. Just like other delicate goods, this set should be hand washed with care. It may also be purchased in a gift box as a gorgeous present for someone you love.

All types of kids’ wear by Cavalli are manufactured in Italy which is the best guarantee of premium quality.

ROBERTO CAVALLI is one of the most luxurious Italian brands that is famous all around the world. The line was created by Roberto Cavalli, who opened the first shop when he was under his thirties. The main feature of the brand is using animal prints in all clothing – that makes ROBERTO CAVALLI special and unique. The children collection was created much later, but celebrities already tend to dress their own kids in products of the Italian brand, thanks the high quality of clothing. The qualified manufacturers use natural fabrics, such as 100% cotton, denim, wool, silk, chiffon and others. It is worth noticing that Roberto creates children clothing that are focused on adult’s models. Leopard dresses, yellow and green citrus zip-up hooded tops, vintage shorts, sea life denim trousers and cotton T-shirts with giraffe and elephant prints are already adored by many boys and girls. Besides, there is a big collection of remarkable accessories. Each fantastic look can be more stunning thanks leather belts, bright scarves, leopard mitten with ribbon bows and stylish ready ties for boys. Babies are offered cure baby bibs and even soft toys in the shape of leopards. The products of ROBERTO CAVALLI can be purchased online.

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