Romano is a widely known Italian trademark in the kids’ fashion world. Since the company’s foundation, the label has been manufacturing kids’ clothes using only organic materials of truly Italian quality. The products of Romano are specially developed for kids aged from 0 to 16 years.

Collections of the label: What do they consist of?

In the collections of the trademark, one can find amazing outfits for both girls and boys. Romano developers produce fantastic collections of kids’ wear including:

  • Romano Princess containing exceptional clothes for girls;
  • Romano Vianni containing excellent garments of splendid quality for boys.

The kids’ wear from this label includes ties and bow ties made from satin and available in different colors like pink, blue, red, grey, and gold. The boy’s accessories also have different patterns, while the boys’ clothes include such beautiful and trendy outfits as 3-5 piece suits, tuxedos and much more.

What makes the Romano label especially popular is the attention to every detail in all designs they create. The label’s team of developers uses different elements of décor including impressive gems, floral patterns, ribbons and a great variety of other exclusive embellishments. The designers of the brand also use the finest-quality materials, including:

  • Organza;
  • Viscose;
  • Soft and light silk;
  • Other safe and eco-friendly fabrics.

The girls’ collections comprise exceptional dresses with boleros embellished with tulle and laces as well as other impressive and sophisticated pieces of clothes that help young ladies to look elegant, while boys dressed in the clothes from this brand look like young gentlemen. Such outfits are perfect for special events like birthday parties, christenings, and weddings.

The girls’ products also include blouses, tops, and stylish dresses for every day. These are made in all sorts of colors like pink, white, and light blue. All clothes from the label’s collections are made from quality materials of different colors, while the choice of sizes is also diverse. Some samples of clothing also come with beautiful headbands or other accessories, which are decorated with roses, embroideries, laces, ribbons, and various other sophisticated details.

Collections for boys bristle with such items of clothing as:

  • Shirts for special events;
  • Trousers;
  • Trendy boy’s suits;
  • Comfortable vests;
  • Different accessories like ties, belts and others.

All this can be purchased separately or as a set comprising everything your boy will need to get ready for some important event in life. Even if you buy different items of boys’ wear separately, you can always combine them with one another to make the outfit complete. This also gives you a chance to choose the best-matching clothes and accessories that will suit your tastes and preferences in fashion.

A wide choice of high-quality designer clothes for kids from Romano won’t leave you indifferent in any respect as you will always find something unique, elegant and stylish for your child, while the quality of each piece of clothing is as good as ever.

The baby wear from this brand includes shorties and rompers among lots of other comfortable and perfectly designed clothes of amazing quality to guarantee a perfect look starting from the early years of life. The materials used by the label are also natural causing no irritation of skin or other health problems.

Popular products offered by Romano

From elegant girlie dresses to classic suits for young gentlemen, the Italian label has much to choose from. The label’s collections include many splendidly designed clothes, stylish shoes and matching accessories for daily wear and special events. Some of the most popular items include the next ones:

  • Red silky bow tie from Romano

This handcrafted accessory is made from soft satin fabric and has a hook fastening and an adjustable strap for greater comfort. Depending on the specific model, the tie’s color and size may vary. The item is suitable for boys aged 4 to 16 years.

  • Special occasion set for young ladies

This is a two-piece set consisting of an elegant dress and a stylish shoulder bag to make the outfit complete. The dress is embellished with a bow and soft tulle among other beautiful elements of decoration. It is fastened on the back, while its length is sufficiently comfortable.

  • Stylish loafer shoes for young gentlemen

This type of footwear is perfect for different special events due to the elegant and sleek design. They are made from top-quality faux leather and have non-slip rubber outer soles to guarantee 100% comfort. The shoes also have different stylish and sophisticated embellishments.

Where to find the most suitable products of the label

Nowadays, the kids and baby products from Romano as a luxury Italian label are distributed all over the globe. They can be found in both the fashion boutiques of the brand and in various retailer stores.

The label is widely known as a supplier of gorgeous footwear, clothes, and accessories available at a highly affordable price. Customers can check out the collections of the label online and easily choose the suitable sizes to order exactly what they need. Some of the label’s goods are also sold at a discounted price, which makes this brand suitable for all customers.

The company keeps growing and developing, while its collections are gradually replenished with brand-new outstanding models of boy’s and girl’s wear including both casual clothes and elegant garments for special occasions like birthday parties, family gatherings, christenings, and other important and festive events in the life of every family.

Feel free to check out the selection of the best-quality baby clothes and different exclusive garments for older children to find exactly what your child needs.

Romano is a luxurious clothing brand that is focused on tailoring amazing outfits for boys and girls aged up to 16 years. The creative designers pay big attention to the style of their products. They combine classic look with last tendencies in the world of fashion. Traditional dresses are embroidered with lace, puffed cuffs, pale flowers and ribbon belts. Elegant boys’ suits are decorated with satin trims. Besides, the designers created casual shirts of pale blue, pink, ivory and white colors, which look fantastic with a formal suit of black trousers and a nice vest. Babies are offered a great variety of wonderful sets that consist of silky rompers, jackets and lovely hats. They will have a stunning look, if wearing it for a holiday or any other special occasion. The manufacturers use high quality satin, chiffon and linen fabrics mostly. It is worth noticing that Romano represents a small collection of stylish accessories, which will complete the whole look. Young boys can enjoy a variety of satin colorful ties, patterned bow ties and leather belts. Today Romano has become very popular in European countries and the United States. It is already possible to purchase the products of Romano online.

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