Rotary – Swiss watch company with has a rich history, founded by Moise Dreyuss in 1895 in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Company founder watchmaker Moise Dreyfuss opened a small family business – a workshop for the production of watches. In 1925, Teddy Dreyfuss creates the famous winged logo Rotary.

Hallmark Rotary watches steel watches with flips body. Clock flips buildings came into fashion in the 30th year, when they were called for hours for a game of polo. High income from sales has allowed the Dreyfus family to build its factory in 1967. When Rotary company management changed the third generation, their watches were sold in countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, and also in the states of South Africa.

To date, Rotary Company follows three basic principles laid down in the production of more Mauz Dreyfus. This honesty, responsibility for the quality and the prices affordable for the average buyer. Most models Rotary watches – Quartz of classical style. Manufacturers pay attention primarily to the quality and durability, and only then proceed to the decoration, if you see it as a necessity.

Company Rotary continues to produce high-quality watches at an affordable price. Most models have a quartz watch mechanisms and classic style. Some models are made with automatic mechanisms.

Reversible model is equipped with a compact automatic movement and the rotor automobile systems, which can be seen through the window of the rear housing cover.
Watches of Revelation have two quartz movement and two faces, which are located on opposite sides of the swiveling body.
Finally, the third model from the watches-shifter Rotary – Service Reminder, flips back cover housing, which is quite possible to decorate with a commemorative plaque and an engraved monogram.


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