As a London-based designer brand, Sophia Webster Mini creates a truly unique collection of kids’ shoes of different styles and designs. The signature details of design, lovely embellishments, and an adorable color palette are only a few features characterizing this brand’s collections. The label always has something for everyone, while the dressy design features of boys’ and girls’ shoes presented in every collection will be to the liking of any child. You’ll hardly find anything as pretty and cute on today’s fashion market.

Story of Sophia Webster and the mini-me fashion line of the label

The company was founded in Great Britain back in 2012. Over the years, the company grew into one of the most famous designer brands developing footwear and accessories in the world of fashion. After graduating from a number of colleges including the college of arts, Sophia Webster temporarily became the assistant of the iconic designer Nicolas Kirkwood before she launched her own business and became a famous designer herself.

As a line of clothes for girls aged from 2 to 7 years, Sophia Webster Mini was established two years after the foundation of the parent company itself.

The designs of girls’ shoes are really diverse and they often resemble the designs of shoes from the collections of women. For example, each pair of kids’ shoes embellished with butterfly wings looks almost the same as a similarly designed pair of shoes for adults according to its style and choice of colors. The footwear from this label is produced from different types of faux leather, while the elements of décor used by the brand include glitter, laces and prints.

Apart from classic shoes made in the elegant and dressy style, the trademark produces comfortable sports trainers, rain boots, ballet shoes and sandals with pom-poms among many others. The majority of footwear models are also embellished with cute and lovely patches.

Key features and characteristics of footwear designed by Sophia Webster Mini

The success and popularity of the label prove that their footwear collections are developed skillfully and professionally. The designer team of the brand consists of only talented craftsmen and qualified experts in the field of footwear production. Thanks to this, the collections of the trademark are distinguished by the next appealing features like:

  • Diverse color palette chosen with much skill and attention;
  • The use of only quality materials and finest details;
  • The use of dressy and really charming embellishments;
  • A wide variety of footwear to choose from;
  • Durability of end products to guarantee continuous use of every pair;
  • A wide range of sizes to fit children of different ages.

Sophia Webster Mini allows young girls to feel themselves as real princesses. Thanks to the tender color palette like pastel pink, blue and green, each model of footwear look sophisticated and pretty. The use of natural materials allows kids to feel no discomfort while walking. The collections of the label include many types of shoes developed exclusively for girls like:

  • Elegant high heel shoes;
  • Ballet shoes;
  • Light summer sandals;
  • Sports trainers;
  • Jelly sandals;
  • Rain bootsНачало формы;
  • Comfortable canvas pumps and others.

Each pair of footwear gives comfort and freedom of movement and greatly improves any outfit, both casual and formal. Due to the use of small designer details and a combination of several materials, the designs of shoes produced by the label are easily recognizable and loved by young fans of fashionable footwear residing in different parts of the globe.

By choosing Sophia Webster Mini, parents and young girls choose quality, comfort and style as the major priorities of every modern customer.

Collections of Sophia Webster Mini for girls: Types of shoes and their main benefits

Sophia Webster Mini as a founder of the brand has reflected her own vision of beauty and style in the kids’ footwear offered to young fashionistas. She received global acknowledgement and won several awards of the international level. As a result, every young mother will surely get interested in the kids’ collections of the brand that are all distinguished by a perfect blend of romantic and extravagant styles.

The company offers shoes for girls aged from 3 months and more. The signature models from the kids’ line of footwear include the all-famous shoes embellished with glittery butterflies, ballet shoes made of natural leather with the use of shiny details, and rain boots with a zip fastening decorated with cute embroidery.

No matter what style you like most of all, all types of footwear from this label have elements of high fashion. The assortment of the label includes the next exclusive samples:

  • Glittery rubber shoes for young girls

Most of the sports trainers from the label guarantee excellent protection. They are manufactured from soft and flexible leather decorated with silvery details. Among other embellishments are adjustable wings of a butterfly and golden embroidery. The rubber outer soles allow kids to enjoy the freedom of movement with no risk of slipping on the road.

  • Light summer sandals for girls

This item of footwear is very light and made from thin leather, while the outer soles have anti-slipping properties and are also very durable being made from excellent-quality rubber. This is a perfect model of shoes for summer especially because it can be easily combined with a bright and light summer dress for different festive events like parties in the kindergarten, birthday parties or walks in the park.

  • Elegant pink shoes for young ladies

The trademark also offers shoes made from soft and elastic leather with adjustable straps and excellent fixation for better support on girls’ feet. This model is also embellished with the iconic butterfly wings.

There are loads of other types of shoes like jelly sandals, patent leather pumps, sock trainers and other exemplary models that will hardly ever leave parents and their little ones indifferent.

Sophia Webster Mini is an award-winning shoe producing company that has recently launched its kids’ footwear collection after the birth of the designer’s daughter. The collection is inspired by the line of footwear for adults presented in bright pastel colors and shades. Sophia Webster is a British shoe designer who is known for her straight-forward patterns. The designer regularly cooperates with J.Crew and has launched a new expanded range of kids’ footwear not long ago. The collection of the brand is comprised of stylish footwear for kids available in different sizes suitable for children aged up to nine years. The collection is comprised of sneakers and sandals that are available for a highly reasonable price. If you are looking for boldly-colored fashionable footwear for your child, you are welcome to check out the range of products offered by Sophia Webster Mini and you will be delighted to see a great diversity of brightly colored footwear suitable for wearing both on special occasions and on a daily basis. The British brand Sophia Webster Mini is designed especially for little boys and girls who are in need of comfortable and stylish footwear to be worn in different weather and in different seasons. The brand has achieved great success in the sphere of kids’ footwear production and continues to expand its market even further.

The brand’s collection for boys and girls is oriented on both babies, toddlers and youth, so that you have a chance to choose the suitable size to fit your child. The collection is comprised of 10 different styles available in the whole range of colors and color combinations, which makes this line of kid’s footwear an ideal option if you are looking for something special for your precious one. Whimsical splashes of colors penetrate the kids’ footwear line of Sophia Webster and will definitely be to the liking of your child. It is comprised of stylish lace-up shoes and a variety of canvas sneakers that are decorated by colorful patterns and prints. There is also a selection of leather sandals that feature a mixture of bright shades and colorful prints as well as striped patterns to suit the taste of your child. Whether you are looking for something to be worn at special event like birthday party or simply some casual pair of shoes, this designer brand has much to choose from. The brand’s products are characterized with supreme quality of materials and comfortable construction to ensure maximum freedom of movement while walking and playing. The brand has proved to be one of the leaders in the sphere of kids’ shoe production. It continues to meet the preferences and tastes of younger and older customers.

The Sophia Webster Mini line of footwear is considered among the most whimsical collections of modern days. It is comprised of whole variety of designs and features durable and functional footwear for children of different ages. If you want to impress your child with a new pair of shoes for some very particular occasion in his/her life, check out the brand’s collection and you are sure to find a number of suitable options. The brand’s goods are distinguished with highly durable construction due to the use of only finest materials during the production process. This ensures that a child does not experience any discomfort while walking providing maximum comfort for him/her to enjoy everyday activities. Every child needs comfortable footwear to be able to explore the world around without any hindrances. The products of the brand provide such an opportunity as they are extremely comfortable apart from being simply adorable. Don’t lose your chance to find something exclusive for your child from the collection of Sophia Webster.

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