Today the brand is known for its tech Speedo suits that allow professional athletes set new records at international competitions.

AquaLab Laboratory continuously tests all its new products, allowing each released model to improve the swimmer’s results, so we can say with certainty that the Speedo brand does not only release tech swim gear but also contributes to the development of navigation in the world.

Technology in swimwear SPEEDO.

SPEEDOFASTSKIN – a unique fabric in which the principle of the shark skin structure, together with the V-shaped rough portions reduces drag in the water.

AQUABLADE – unique texture fabric in strips creates water motion in a thin layer of turbulence, which minimizes the friction on the water surface.

ENDURANCE – Technology exceptional resistance to water, in which the increased content of chlorine or salt made from this fabric suits dry quickly, a long time are not deformed and do not change their quality, are resistant color.

SCULPTURE – fabric that is particularly resistant to chlorinated water, exclusively and comfortably supports the body, with increased control is retained full freedom of movement.

Technology in the accessories SPEEDO.

Points Speedo BioFUSE – designed for regular training, speaking and fitness, perfectly in harmony with the face.

Points SOFT FRAME has a soft rubber rim of low density, provide increased comfort and also have anti-fog lenses and protection from UV rays.

Caps Composite Cap – used silicone three layers of different density, hats do not frown and do not slip, inside the product there is a kind of notches for a snug fit, hats have exceptional comfort and functionality


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