Sticky Fudge clothes for new born to seven years old children are made from 100% organic cotton, which makes them naturally the best choice for your kids. You are probably aware of the advantages of cotton: it is hypoallergenic, delicate and soft to the skin, breathable and highly absorbent. It is an ideal option for children with sensitive skin, rashes, allergies or other skin problems. Even if you are lucky to have never encountered such issues, it’s better to avoid synthetic fabrics because they can cause excess sweating, itchiness and allergic reactions. Both in cold climates and those with high temperatures, cotton works best for keeping your children cool and for layering clothes to keep them warm. While this is an important reason to buy Sticky Fudge creative outfits and individual pieces, parents all over the world love their neutral colors and the way they combine with everything already present in their kids’ wardrobe, especially when creating a layered style. It’s just impossible not to admire the vintage-inspired, very natural and flattering look, highlighting the beauty of your child, plus exceptional lasting quality and comfort, as well as subtle patterns and beautiful details that make truly timeless pieces of fashion which will never go out of style.

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