Today the company is owned by great granddaughter Swarovski has of Daniel – Nadja Swarovski. In addition, just like her great-grandfather, it seeks to create high-quality jewelry available to the masses. Swarovski company unites today 75 factories and nearly 10 000 workers, it also boasts 19 subsidiaries in more than 30 countries around the world. In addition, while the company’s headquarters are still located in the unremarkable town of Wattens, Austria.

Family Swarovski continues to hide carefully their secrets. After the release of each new collection not only destroyed the relevant documentation, but also the tools, which made the crystal, ornaments. Perhaps someone such precautions seem excessive. Nevertheless, anyway, the fact that there is – today Swarovski produces 80% of all jewelry that is created in the world. Moreover, it is unlikely that in the near future the situation will change.

For 2013, the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality crystal. In Swarovski collections there are more than 100 thousand kinds of stones of different shapes. Rhinestones have a patented facet brand with the most lateral faces – 7 7 wide and narrow. Distinctive features Swarovski crystals are the sharpest polished edges, no chipping and turbidity. The inside of the stones has a silver mirror substrate that enhances shine. Maximum light and glitter game achieved by the use of lead oxide in the crystal. The crystals Swarovski its presence is 32%, while in the conventional rhinestones – up to 24% in the glass – up to 6%.

In addition to numerous jewelry brand begins to produce household products made of cut glass: chandeliers, utensils and brand-glass reflectors for automobiles. In 1976, the company introduced a series of collectable souvenirs, the first of which was the figure of a crystal mouse.

Masters of the company used high-quality adhesive that provides strong adhesion paste materials such as glass, mirror, cloth, metal, and leather, plastic and so on.

Swarovski will continue to delight us with subtle jewelry. The company certainly has a future in the global market. Its crystal products embody the beauty, elegance and prestige.


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