As a prosperous British label, The Bonnie Mob is known for its remarkable pieces of knitwear for newborn babies and kids aged up to two years. The designs of every item are charming and cute especially due to the presence of different colorful prints and other elements of decoration. The signature prints of the label feature different cute animals and other admirable illustrations loved by kids of any age.

The label’s knitwear is made to be worn for many years to come as it is made from durable fabrics of outstanding quality. The assortment of the baby wear of the brand includes the next amusing items:

  • Baby rompers;
  • Knitted hats with pom-poms and other accessories;
  • Cardigans for older kids;
  • Light cotton dresses;
  • T-shirts and trousers;
  • Baby sets comprising several pieces of baby wear;
  • Socks with amusing prints and other essential products.

The Bonnie Mob products are made with attention to every small detail in order to deliver the best-quality products loved by parents in different districts of the world.

Diversity of the label’s goods and their main benefits

Due to the label’s devotion to excellence in everything they produce and deliver to customers, the Bonnie Mob has become an award-winning label that creates adorable baby wear, beautifully wrapped baby gift sets and different other goods.

They make top-quality, long-lasting, joyful and brightly colored designs and guarantee that every item is comfortable to wear and easy to use. This is ensured by the use of natural fabrics tested for quality and safety by the international experts. The baby wear is also practical so it’s always easy to clean it with no unwanted problems.

The company is trying to supply kids with the best goods on the market which also makes this label a competitive trademark in this segment of fashion. The brand stays loyal to its original motto saying “Buy Once, Buy Well, Pass it On.” Thanks to innumerable benefits of the label’s products, the company quickly turned into a must-try brand offering outstanding knitwear and a number-one choice for those who have tried it at least once.

Brief history of The Bonnie Mob

The story of the brand started back in 2005, after Tracey Samuel as the future founder of a successful label gave birth to her daughter. Even though the founder knew not very much about the upbringing of children and parenthood itself, she managed to achieve success in the field of knitwear design and manufacturing of adorable baby wear for kids.

Due to the careful choice of fabrics and textures as well as the idea to produce clothes from only organic materials, Tracey managed to create an impressive range of products for baby girls and boys. She also paid much attention to the demands of parents in order to guarantee that her collections meet the expectations and preferences of young mothers and fathers.

Tracey’s first line of products became known as The Bonnie Baby and comprised practical, comfortable and long-lasting clothes for the very little ones. Later on, her selection of goods was expanded, and this is where she decided to launch The Bonnie Mob brand back in 2015. The new fashion line consisting of knitted clothes and baby essentials also had immense success with customers worldwide.

Tracey’s designs become the favorite choice of not just ordinary customers, but also many celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and lots of others. Gwyneth was first to try the goods of the label and found the “Apple of Daddy’s Eye” sweater very amusing and cute. As a result, Tracey decided to adopt the lucky “Apple motif” as a signature logo of her brand.

Today, the team of designers behind The Bonnie Mob label admits that their clothes are of amazing quality and produced to last for years or even to be passed on from one generation to the other.

Collections of the label: Types of kids’ wear and their features

The Bonnie Mob was established to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company itself. The inception of the brand-new label gave new ideas for future growth and development. The collections developed by this label contain many exclusive garments for little babies, such as:

  • Knitted cardigans for baby boys and girls;
  • Knit trousers for babies made from organic cotton;
  • Lovely dress made from soft and lightweight fabrics;
  • Two-piece sets for girls consisting of comfortable shorts and top;
  • Beautifully designed top and trousers sets for girls and boys;
  • Comfortable and stretchy cotton T-shirts made in pastel colors;
  • Cute and pretty accessories like hats and socks.

All goods contained in the new collections of the Bonnie Mob are distinguished by premium quality proved by the ECO certification, which means that they are absolutely safe for the surrounding nature and the little kids themselves.

The clothes, footwear, and accessories from this brand have playful and cute designs with many exclusive embellishments like handcrafted elements along with the vintage-inspired motifs and other superb features.

Moreover, the baby wear offered to little customers and their parents is also exceptionally durable and practical due to the careful choice of materials and close monitoring of the production process as a whole. Such clothes are meant to last for many years with no risk of easy wear and tear.

Every new collection of the label has many outstanding novelties for the delight of loyal customers of the brand’s products. The company is always trying to diversify its range of goods adding more and more exquisite outfits with many amusing prints depicting fruits and leopards among others.

The use of innovative technologies in the process of production helps the label to maintain the quality of goods at a high level and provide only safe and eco-friendly goods to their clientele. The designers of the label find inspiration in traveling around the world which helps them to find new ideas for their future masterpieces cherished and loved by parents and their little ones. The pricing policy of the label is also highly attractive and moderate.

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