The Marc Jacobs is a legendary high-profile brand that provides a wide selection of kids’ wear and accessories filled with fun and playful designs added with trendy elements of décor. Each collection of the label embodies the New York spirit which is reflected in every new line of clothes consisting of casual street-style outfits for boys and girls of different age groups. Chic collections of The Mark Jacobs label are suitable for kids aged up to 12 years or more. Being filled with high-quality fabrics, urban-style prints and other intricate details, the brand’s collections have long become popular in different parts of the globe.

Story of the label’s origin and road to success

The collections of The Marc Jacobs label are a mini version of the adults’ fashion collections from the world-known US designer. The label was founded in New York in the mid-1990s. The brand takes inspiration from the blend of haute couture and street fashion, as well as pop culture of the city where it was founded. Modern-day themes, playful elements of design, vivid colors and memorable details are all part of The Marc Jacobs’ collections for babies and older boys and girls.

Starting from the brand’s establishment, its main goal was to encourage children to express their identity and individual taste, as well as to develop the personal style in fashion. The bold designs of the label give many opportunities to realize this goal, let alone that their selection of kids’ goods changes from one collection to the other, so that kids can choose a new outfit every day.

The founder himself admitted that fashion is not a necessity, and not even a whimsical desire. Even though young children don’t really need it, it still helps to express their own selves and boost their self-confidence. Funk and chic designs offered by The Marc Jacobs help to make this a reality with ease.

Thanks to all this, the brand attained huge success and gained immense popularity with kids and adolescents of different ages. Girls’ dresses with fun and amusing designs, stylish T-shirts for boys and girls, high-quality and organic baby wear and accessories, as well as many other items of casual wear for all sorts of occasions form part of every collection of the label. Due to the remarkable quality of fabrics chosen with much care and attention along with the outstanding characteristics of every item on offer, the brand became one of the favorite suppliers of kids’ wear among customers worldwide.

Key features and peculiarities of kids’ wear collections

The choice of goods for kids changes from one collection to the other, so that parents and kids have more opportunities to find exactly what they need. Every item is designed and developed with close attention to the demands of young customers to ensure absolute satisfaction of young fans of the brand. The goods offered by the brand have many benefits and peculiarities which explain why The Marc Jacobs label often becomes a priority choice for both local and international customers.

  • Premium-quality fabrics and textiles;
  • Abundance of quirky, funk and chic designs;
  • A myriad of styles inspired by the street fashion of NYC;
  • The use of countless amusing and cool prints, graphic elements, patterns, embroidery, and the logo of the brand itself;
  • Durable and practical fabrics to ensure continuous use and comfortable fit;
  • Functionality in every detail;
  • A wide choice of kids’ clothes, footwear and accessories;
  • Variety of sizes to fit kids of different ages, etc.

Each collection is gradually replenished with brand-new styles to keep them fresh and appealing for new and loyal customers. The label continues to be one of the most credible suppliers of kids’ wear on today’s market of children’s fashion. Its designs have long become easily recognizable while the brand itself has earned great reputation among the target audience.

Kids’ collections from the iconic designer brand: What’s on offer?

Most items feature numerous cool and stylish embellishments printed on such unisex pieces as shorts, jumpers and shoes, while the label’s logo itself can be found on different summer outfits like classic T-shirts, fleeced hoodies and teen joggers among others. Mid-season collections include many warm and cozy items of clothes and outerwear for boys and girls. These include:

  • Trendy and fashionable coats that are perfect for fall and spring and can easily endure cool temperatures and nasty weather conditions;
  • Mid-season jackets with unique designs that won’t let kids go unnoticed due to their cool and stylish look;
  • Colorful sweaters as a must-have item for cold seasons;
  • Jumpers to let children feel warm all year round;
  • Comfortable leggings for those kids who like to stay active, have a dynamic lifestyle, and enjoy various sports activities;
  • Exclusively designed trousers for boys and girls available in the brand’s signature colors and all-favorite styles;
  • Beautifully embellished ruffled bikinis and other types of exquisite swimwear that are perfect for going on vacation in summer;
  • Quality and stylish denim wear for boys and girls of different age groups;
  • Different types of footwear for every day like espadrilles available in all sorts of styles and designs;
  • Useful and trendy accessories like twill caps for girls and boys.

You can also find many other outstanding types of kids’ wear and accessories distinguished by excellent quality and always remarkable characteristics. The prices on anything you choose from the collections of the brand are always reasonable so that you can get an outstanding product without any unwanted expenses. Today, the label’s goods are available not only in the brand’s boutiques but also in various online stores to guarantee convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.

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