As a young but promising British brand, Tiba + Marl creates a fascinating collection of classically designed changing bags and other essentials for young mothers and fathers. The products offered by the label represent a perfect combination of contemporary prints and top-class materials.

The collections of Tiba + Marl consist of different practical and useful accessories that are stylish and functional at the same time. Due to the use of high-quality materials, the handbags, changing bags and other accessories can be used for a continuous period of time without easy wear and tear. They are also added with functional pockets where mothers can keep everything they need at hand.

Due to a wide range of outstanding features and unique peculiarities, Tiba + Marl has become not only a favorite trademark for young parents, but also an award-winning supplier of essential products cherished by multiple customers all over the globe.

Collections of Tiba + Marl: What do they contain?

The already famous British label quickly earned good reputation among young mothers. The basic collection of the trademark contains many fabulously designed and practical goods like:

  • Handy changing backpacks;
  • Functional and useful baby changing bags;
  • Sets of water-resistant backpacks for baby necessities;
  • Pram clips and other useful accessories;
  • Sets consisting of a baby changing backpack, smaller bag, and cross body handbag.

The goods from the label are made from top-quality fabrics including faux leather of superb quality and other durable materials. Every bag from this designer is stylish and very functional. Such bags are specially designed to help young mothers find a compromise between elegance and usefulness. This was the main idea of the brand’s founder who managed to realize this goal successfully.

Design features and main peculiarities of the label’s goods

This brand offers many gorgeous collections for parents and their babies. Every product designed and manufactured by the brand has many unique and appealing peculiarities which keep attracting customers from all over the world. The key features of the products contained in the collections of Tiba + Marl include the next ones:

  • All bags and rucksacks developed by the label can be easily attached to the prams;
  • Every model of baby changing bags has durable handles, the length of which can be regulated according to the needs of parents;
  • The bags and backpacks have many useful pockets, both inside and outside the compartments;
  • Some of the models also have pockets for keeping baby bottles warm for longer;
  • Every bag has functional compartments where parents can keep baby essentials and other necessary things which may come in handy during a walk;
  • The backpacks and other accessories by Tiba + Marl are made from the innovative and light fabrics and synthetic materials that can be easily cleaned with no unwanted difficulties;
  • The design of every product offered by the label has long become legendary due to the use of bright prints and colorful graphics among other elements of decoration;
  • The style of accessories may also vary from one model to the other and includes floral, geometrical and military among others;
  • The styles and designs of some of the most popular goods of the label are inspired by the wild nature;
  • The brand mostly uses synthetic materials like eco-friendly leather and fur that are not only of perfect quality but also absolutely safe for the future users and environment;
  • The color palette and textures of the high-tech fabrics used by the brand are also diverse and differ from one product to the other.

The label’s goods are designed and manufactured with practicality and style in mind. Some of the collections presented to the public are also unisex being suitable for both parents. The brand has even become a priority choice for many famous celebrities.

Story of Tiba + Marl in greater detail

The Tiba + Marl label was founded by a pair of talented designers from London. Anna Tizard and Lydia Barron were mothers themselves who decided to establish their own label of useful essentials for contemporary parents. They soon became known for their high-tech designs of baby changing bags, backpacks, clips for prams, and sets of essential accessories among others.

Some of them are specially developed for both parents due to their unisex designs and styles. Thanks to the impressive functionality and practicality of the label’s products, the label quickly gained popularity with customers and achieved great success in the world of fashion.

The key to the label’s rapid growth and never-fading popularity is a perfect blend between high fashion design peculiarities and impressive functionality of each product presented to the public. This was exactly what the vast majority of parents needed. As a result, the combination of great style and convenience of use made this label a priority choice for many young parents.

Additional service offered by the brand

The brand also offers a gift wrapping service so that customers can personalize the chosen products. The packages are made from the eco-friendly and top-quality materials that contain no toxic substances and are absolutely harmless for health. Moreover, the brand’s wrappings can also be recycled to cause no harm to the environment.

The wrappings are available in two different sizes for customers to choose the most preferable and suitable one. The packages feature the legendary leopard print loved by numerous clients of Tiba + Marl. In addition, you can choose to add a customized message to the gift box to make it really unique and exclusive. Most importantly, you may choose to keep the gift boxes for the purpose of storing your baby’s essentials for later use.

The pricing policy of the label is also user-friendly so that the majority of goods contained in the collections of Tiba + Marl are highly affordable and never too costly.

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