Famous brand underwear Triumph was formed back in 1886 when two German businessmen established a joint company called Spieshofer & Braun.

Triumph – the best lingerie from a German brand. It is of high quality, using mainly natural materials and always safe, original and stylish design.

At present, the company produces Triumph underwear for men, women, swimwear, and sleepwear, underwear for pregnant and lactating mothers.

All brand Triumph model can be combined with several lines, which in turn includes a main permanent collection in the collection is updated twice a year. The most exclusive and original underwear is presented in Amourette line. Here you can find a large variety of the latest and most significant developments in this area, ranging from cups «push-up» and ending with stylish sets of seamless underwear that can cater to the whims of the most avid fashion-monger and spoiled. Line Form and Beauty – is a model for women ‘in the form of “who do not just have a” sculpting “effect, but also beneficial to emphasize the characteristic of the magnificent forms of dignity. The Comfort line having, in turn, areas such as Slips, Be happy and the Sport, you can meet comfortable pants and shorts, shirts, and T-shirts – in short, everything that is designed to provide the incredible comfort of its owner, at the same time having a stylish, modern design. Finally, the fourth line, Jugend, contains as close to the youth fashion products stand out the bright colors, spectacular finish and incredibly original styles – such underwear model will appeal to all lovers of contemporary fashion.

To date, the brand Triumph branded products are not only in traditional stores underwear and mono-brand boutiques but also on our website. Despite the fact that the underwear is not an as obvious element of the wardrobe, women all over the world pay him no less, and sometimes, even more, attention than, say, dresses and suits. At the same time, it should be not only convenient, practical and high quality, but also reflect the aesthetic needs of its owner


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