Ugg boots were still in the 80-ies of XX century in Australia and New Zealand. First, this shoe was designed for heating surfers feet after contact with cold water, then when the show-business stars from the United States began to wear it as daily, it has become popular all over the world.

The design of these Australian boots is quite simple, but it does not take away from the shoe stylish appearance, good reliability, and convenience.

Decorated with sequins or rhinestones warm Ugg boots will save your time and get rid of the need to buy additional accessories as they will attract attention with its unusual design and will make the image more brightness.

Comfortable sock. The main advantage of this shoe is the comfort. Ugg is soft, light and has flat soles. Flexible wool insole provides the effect of orthopedic insoles, so Ugg Boots do not rub feet. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber or a special plastic that is resistant to abrasion and bursting.

Versatility. Sheepskin is processed in a special way that allows you to create the effect of thermoregulation inside. Uggs cooled legs at temperatures up to 24 C and warm when the cold to -34 C. The maximum thermoregulatory effect manifests itself when worn on bare feet.

Natural. These Ugg boots are produced by special technology-sided treatment of the skin double face. They are made of a layer of skin on the outside and fleece on the inside without synthetic inserts and supplements.

The varied design. Modern Ugg boots are produced in all colors and can be decorated with crystals and embroidery, lace and bows, fur trim and stitching, and embossed logos. Classic long ugg .classic short (just above the ankle) and classic tall (to mid-calf) are now available Ugg boots to the knee or higher. Now also made waterproof boots with thick soles, Ugg Boots with a knitted shafted, Uggs metallic with leather covering.

Easy care. Rubber-soled boots are enough to wipe with a damp and then a dry cloth. To wear Ugg Boots in wet weather it is recommended to handle their impregnation for protection against moisture.

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