A popular brand among young people Vera Mont repeatedly proved its originality in the global fashion industry. The brand collection is characterized by a special quality, exclusivity of each model, and a variety of directions. Unusual combinations of incongruous compatibility, exquisite evening dresses are only a few lists of advantages of this brand.

Vera Mont belongs to the well-known German company Betty Barclay. The corporation specializes in the production of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

The class brand is significantly above average. Most of the brand collections made in the casual style. The brand Gained particular popularity clothing line of evening dresses, as well as daily-line business outfits for every day. In their collections the company pays much attention to pastel shades, flowing dresses and skirts, delicate blouses and elegant pants.

The main line of clothing, which won the hearts of millions of fashion-monger all over the world, are knitted clothing line, a separate collection of trousers, a separate line of outdoor clothing and, of course, Vera Mont collection of evening dresses.

Vera Mont Evening Line is evening dresses. This collection includes evening dresses pink, black, silver, blue, and green colors. Especially designers say the platinum-rich color models. Evening Dresses line fascinates creative processing. Dresses shimmer and streamed on the figure, beautifully emphasizing all its advantages.

A collection of evening dresses brand Vera Mont – this artist’s canvas, which creates luxurious costumes, elegant ensembles captivating silhouettes, must become the focus of any official reception or gala event. Casual wear from Vera Mont is also created, paying attention to the quality, elegance, sophistication, originality; however, there is also an emphasis on comfort.

The latest trend of fashion in Paris, just descended from the podium last hits, immediately appear in the models of the brand Vera Mont. Young people, confident, and who know exactly what they want out of life will not be long to wait until the designers will catch the latest trends. They need to dress for prom or an original kit for an important party right now.

Creative leaders Vera Mont believe that you need to look perfect, always and everywhere, so make every effort to comply with its same rule.


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Friday: 09:00 – 23:00h

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